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Friday, August 21, 2009

Buy/Sell days at timeshare resorts

Our earlier initiative wherein we provided a platform for buyers and sellers of timeshare membership was a huge success. (Read: Business worth Rs 23 lakh+ was facilitated by this blog post). Lots of people were able to sell their timeshare membership or buy a used membership for reasonable rates.

Recently the need was felt that a similar platform can be provided for people trying to buy/sell a few number of days at a particular timeshare resort. Hence this blog post, wherein you can indicate your intention to put up your accommodation for sale, or express intent to buy one.

Please note that this dealing is purely between the member and guest. Timeshare company, this blogger or others will not be a party to it in case of any disputes related to payments, services etc.

Click here to enter your offer/requests. Be sure to read the risk factors involved. Your entry will appear in the spreadsheet below in about 10 minutes for others to see and respond.

All the best. Hope everyone finds it equally useful. Your suggestions and comments are always welcome.


Mridula said...

I don't think I will use this on but it is good to see you blogging more regularly.

scotte kilmir said...

It's good to read articles on timeshares. There are some sites on the internet dedicated to helping those owners wanting to get rid of their timeshares. Check also the site of Timeshsre Relief Inc. to avail of their services.

Mehar said...

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Shrinidhi Hande said...

ok. Yes, I will be blogging regularly-One post per week is the minimum and 15 per month is the maximum- I've been maintaining this all along.

Thanks for sharing the info-any specific sites in your mind? Are they relevant to indian consumers?

All the best for your research.Do you think people will care to drop an email saying "Hey I want to be part of the survey"?

rupert said...

This site is a good venue for those owners who want to get rid of their timeshares. People need more sites like this that will facilitate the buying and selling of timeshare units.

Shailendra said...

Hi Shrinidhi, please delete the 2 SELL listings I had created, as I have sold of my CM membership now. Thanks

cute said...

HEY ppl!! I had planned vacations for December(5-10) to GOA, but unfortuantely will not be able to make it ... I booked the resort and air tickets for the same, if anyone is interested in buying those s/he may contact me

Senthilk said...


I'm a member of Royal Goan Beach Club, Goa. I would like to rent weeks / sell 2 BR units. If anyone is interested in renting or buying, please let me know.


Anonymous said...

How can I remove my listings from the docs?

aashish agarwal said...

How can I edit or delete the listing from the docs?

Shrinidhi Hande said...

Rupert, Thanks

Shailendra, sure.. Sorry for delayed response..

Cute and Senthilk, hope you got some inquiries...

Anon and Aashish,
you can't edit it. You'll have to write a comment or mail us stating the changes required and it will be done manually asap

sapna said...

I bought a 1 BR red for 2 lakhs with the help of your site - absolutely fantastic. Keep up the good work !

Jaipur Hotel said...

Great post on timeshares. Thanks for sharing.

aashish agarwal said...

Kindly reply with your email address as I am not able to find it on the website. I wish to delete my earlier listing and enter a new listing.

Ami said...

Great insight... Good ideas.. I liked the timeshare exchange of India. Useful and to the point. Two areas of improvement though :
1. ad expiry may be introduced (may be 30 days by default), If user wants he may post the Ad again after 30 days, this will help keeping the listing current and relevant.
2. Seller authenticity may be introduced by providing user reviews and rating by the buyers.

Shrinidhi Hande said...

Dear all,

Sorry for delayed response.

Sapna, great. Am happy I could be of some help.

its mentioned in the post. admin at enidhi dot net


I believe gestation period is more than 3o days for someone to be able to close a deal, hence it could be unfair.

I do not have the time, technology and funding to take it full time with more features, controls and authentication... Above one is a simple google docs based service. Had plans of moving it to Zoho, but couldn't do it till date...

Also, you might wish to check this post for a CM related video & case study:

Anonymous said...

i am a member from clubmahindra, recently up graded to red membership as well. it is very unfortunate to know this i had requested for a goa resort in the month of jan, 2011 i recieved a reply that all the rooms were full, later i called up as a non member then i found that the rooms were available at hefty price?

Is the membership a gimmick?? This was really dissappointing and as a member we were let down and would never advise my friends for a club mahindra membership.

If you want to holiday then just pay instantly and enjoy!!! Dont even think of membership.

Anonymous said...

Hi there,
I want to sell club mahindra holidays. Interested ones pls contact at with details on Resort location, number of people and days & dates of vacation.


Anonymous said...

Anonymous said...

Hi there,
I want to sell club mahindra holidays ( 7 days ) - any between oct/2011 to mar/2012. Interested ones pls contact at with details on Resort location, number of people and days & dates of vacation.


Monil said...

How do I edit the sheet? I entered 'Buy' by oversight instead of sell.

Krish said...

Hi ppl, I wish take a holiday in Munnar on 17, 18, 19, 20February 2012 and on 24, 25, 26, 27 February 2012 in goa.
can discuss and close today itself if reasonable deal. Pls call me at 09900156146 if interested.

Shrinidhi Hande said...

Monil: You can't edit the sheet. Either comment here or email with changes required

Anonymous said...

Hi Shrinidhi,

Thanks for your excellent effort and facilitating buyers and sellers to directly communicate with each other. I think email column is missing in the XLS. It may be a good option to add that.


Holiday In Resorts said...

A very good blog.. good insight into timeshare.... I also feel the email column should be there


Anonymous said...

Very good blog... good insight into timeshare.. yes the e-mail column should also be ther

Pawan Mittal said...

Intrested to buy 3 days at Club Mahindra Derby Resort in the month of April.. Interested Sellers please mail details to

Philip Francis said...

Dear Friend,

Very good site with a cause. I am planning to visit Goa next month in May between 2nd and 5th. If anybody is interested in selling their reservations in club mahindra please let me know. My Mo no. is 9820473726

Philip Francis said...

Interested in buying 3 nights in Goa between 2nd and 5th May. Interested sellers send details to

Anonymous said...

I sold my membership, Please remove me"

There appears to be no way to unsubscribe even after 3 years.

Please remove me, from the spread-sheet or if anyone knows how to do this, please post it here.

Mohan. N said...

I want Resell Club mahindra Membership its Red season Studio valid until 2033, 14 days r still in account i want sell, am expecting Rs.2,75,000/- call 9845355666

Preethiajay Shetty said...

I want to sell my Club Mahindra Red Studio Membership which is 4 year old with 21 days holidays available.looking for serious buyer,can contact me 9857166685

RaghuHemanth said...

Intrested timeshare buyers...pls contact us on or call us Mob : 9632118532 for best timeshare deal.

RaghuHemanth said...

I am a member of club Mahindra since 2008. Still haven't used any single holiday. So, i would like to sell my accumulated 21 nights to interested buyers. Pls call Mob : 9632118532 or email to with your travel dates and desire destination to book.

eNidhi India: Buy/Sell days at timeshare resorts

arvindeept said...

have booked goa varca club mahindra from 1-5 apr 14. Anyone interested pls contact asap at or 9958083817. Regards.

arvindeept said...

have booked club mahindra varca from 1-5 apr 14. Anyone interested pls contact at 9958083817 asap. Regards.

Jumi said...

Hi I'm looking to sell booking for oct 12-19 , 2014 at club mahindra premium resort :-
kodagu valley, madikeri , coorg .

There are 3 studios booked to dispose off ASAP

Serious buyers ,call with your offer on 9322260622.

Nadia Asif said...

I would like to sell my Royal Goan Beach Club Timeshare. 105 points each year. Anyone interested please call 9620752061 or 9620985377.


Nadia Asif said...

I would like to sell my Royal Goan Beach Club Timeshare. 105 points each year. Anyone interested please call 9620752061 or 9620985377.



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