Monday, November 29, 2010

Old Memories: Satyam Computers bike parking sticker

My bike still has 4 year old parking sticker, once issued by Satyam computers.... At every service I used to give specific instructions to ensure that the sticker is not damaged...

The company that issued it is now famous for all wrong reasons and is believed to be recovering under new management and modified brand name.

The CSC Office in Shozhinganallur Chennai which issued it, is long vacated and the empty building, still unoccupied, stands there to tell stories...

At times I get senti looking at the sticker...

Old memories seldom die...

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Sunday, November 28, 2010

Wheels of Fortuner: Toyota Fortuner stuck in mud: Rescue Mission

It is cool to drive-in with a big SUV, drive off track ahead of other cars and park it stylishly. But then such an attempt turned into a nightmare for the owners of this white Toyota Fortuner this afternoon, at MMSC (Madras Motor Sports Club) grounds.

As the Volkswagen Polo Cup race was getting a bit boring, spectators got interested in the action happening on the other side of the track. Majority of them turned and watched the rescue attempts of Toyota Fortuner, an ordeal that lasted for about an hour in total.


Apparently, when the owner of the SUV decided to go home, their massive full time four wheel drive beast just refused to budge. Proud of its 4 wheel drive, drivers were confident of its ability to rescue itself from what appeared to be a minor issue- a bit of watery mud around the wheels.

When initial few attempts didn’t yield any results and only resulted in sinking the wheels deeper, it was time to call for help. A few people, who were wearing Volkswagen T-shirts and looked authoritative, offered advise on which direction to steer and what to do. That, combined with manual pushing, didn’t move the car out. Another person- may be a VW official or an event management company person wearing event T-shirt, offered to try. His attempts too failed.

Watch the 5 minute video below, which serves as part 1

toyota-fortuner-back-on-roadAfter above attempts, they started calling for help (to push the car). Many of the people around didn’t care to respond. Only one or two came forward. They made an attempt to find out driver of a truck that was parked nearby. He couldn’t be found.

Next they deflated the tyres a bit, by removing air. This was sensible part and a good move. Solid items like wooden planks and such stuff were pushed beneath the wheels, to provide it with firm grip… By this time, majority of the spectators who came to see Polo Cup race, had turned 180 degrees and were enjoying the off road event. As one Toyota eventually got out of the mud, another toyota got trapped in it nearby (watch last few seconds of below video for Toyota Qualis’s trapped wheels. May be the redbull can on top of it might help)

In a subsequent move, the person who was driving fortuner got into a Mitsubishi Pajero, drove it around the mud track and drove away (I felt he is trying to convince the spectators that he knows how to drive 4WD SUV, or may be he was friend of Fortuner guy)

Why did I prefer to make a video instead of helping them out? Well, I didn’ have any magic wand to get that beast out. Even I trackwould have attempted same thing which they eventually did and got the car out. Later I went down and inspected the track. Below is the mark left by the wheels of Fortuner.

Peter Van Geit, founder of Chennai Trekkers Club often goes on off roading trips with his Fortuner. Do Check his albums for nice pics.

Here’re some tips from my experience and understanding, to get your vehicle out of tricky situations like this:

  • Identify a direction and stick to it: Study the situation and identify if its better to drive in reverse or forward. Once you decide which direction is best, stick to it. Trying few minutes in reverse and another few minutes in forward direction will only push the car deeper
  • If its not working in initial 2 minutes, don’t keep trying the same for 10 minutes. You’ll sink it deeper. As soon as you get a feeling that its trapped, go for supportive measures
  • Reduce load- ask people to get down, remove heavy cargo if any
  • Maintain momentum where possible. On longer paths, do sustain your speeds. Its easier to clear off a bad patch at high speeds.
  • Provide good support to the wheels. That should do the trick.

PS: To the Toyota Engineer in Japan who might be watching this: Please please don’t commit suicide. There’s nothing wrong with the car you’ve designed and built.

Disclaimer: This post just shares observations made at a public place and is for information purposes only and doesn’t intent to make fun of any brand or individual

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Volkswagen Polocup in Chennai- Photos n report

Spent half of my precious Sunday travelling all the way to Sri Perambadur to watch Volkswagen Polocup. I hardly watch sports in stadium- Have been to cricket stadium only twice (first time experience here) and had never seen a car rally live. Prompted by several posts by Srinivasan Ethiraju about MRF rallies and other things, I decided to spend some time to visit the Volkswagen Polo Cup in Chennai.
Media-attention-for-polocup VW-officials-flagging-off
Polocup is an experiential marketing for Volkswagen, for their popular hatchback, Polo. This year they’ve introduced it in India. VW handpicks a few good drivers at their young age, gives them a Polo car each,(takes care of other expenses like training, fitness etc) and conducts racing events. Polocup is the end result of this exercise.
LGB-Swift yellow-car-at-corner
When I went to MMSC grounds, an event called Formula LGB Swift was taking place. Vehicles of size little bigger than ones used in go carting  were racing. These cars reportedly have 1.3L petrol engines from Maruti esteem…
Eventually the formula LGB Swift ended, Polos were assembled. These Polos are different from ones available in showrooms (1.6L engine instead of 1.2 and appropriate racing modifications). Each car had a corporate branding-Jet airways, Force-Man trucks, Bosch, TCI, Castrol and others.
Once cars assembled, media had its time photographing the cars and its drivers and VW officials who posed with the cars. Two ladies were hired just to display the signage
get-set-go Yellow-JKtyre lady
media-people-recording-bites fixing it fast for karthik shankar
The race would have 12 laps. I was sitting in a spectator stand, which had very minimum view and access. Race started on time with some VW officials flagging off the event. Audience were audibly disappointed as they were expecting the two yellow ladies to wave off the flag. Lots of professional photographers were running around with their more than one DSLRs and tripods.
all-polos-linedup Photographer with two DSLRs
Once race started it was kind of boring. Our stand had very limited view, cars would zoom past us for a while and we’d to wait 3-4 minutes for them to complete a lap and appear again. Within 2 laps several cars received structural damages-broken bumpers in the front and rear. Since we didn’t have the view of full track and there were no commentary, not sure what exactly happened. Guess many of them hit each other in front and rear during turns.
missing-rear-bumper-for-bosch  rear-bumber-damage-for-red-polo
Fortunately the accidents were limited to bumper to bumper hits and nothing fatal.
The black Polo with Jet Airways branding was last in the race and got extra support from the crowd. As the race ended and cars retired… (many of them would need a new bumper) the action shifted to the other side of the track… One white Toyota fortuner was stuck in mud and its owners were struggling to get it out. This warrants a separate post and can be read here. An activa rider who was riding on the track got lots of cheers from the audience.
toyota-fortuner activa-rider-on-the tracks
There were few more races scheduled for the second half- including a sedan race (of Maruti Esteems) and another round of Polo Cup. But the crowd increased and I decided to make the move.

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Saturday, November 27, 2010

Overcrowded Jeep Rides in Indian villages

A line from Kannada movie goes: ”ಕಾರ್,ಕಾರ್,ಕಾರ್,ಕಾರ್ ಎಲ್ನೋಡಿ ಕಾರ್ ... "ನಮ್ಮೂರಲ್ಲಿ ಹಂಗೇನಿಲ್ಲ ಬಸ್ಸಲ್ ಜಾಗ ಸಾಕಾಗಲ್ಲ ... ಟಾಪಲ್ ಕೂತು ಬೀಡಿ ಸೇದ್ತಾರೆ...!" (lead actress refers to large number of cars in America, hero, originating from a village in Karnataka, says “its not like that in our village-there won’t be enough space in the bus, hence people sit on top and smoke Beedi”

Public transportation is scarce at majority of the villages in India. While a few do have state run or private buses plying, many prefer smaller vehicles like tempos, jeeps, Tata Magics and the likes.

Below are some photos of an overcrowded jeep, spotted near a village on the way to Araku valley in Andhra Pradesh. (Read this post about share auto driver shaking hands with foreign tourist at the same spot)
Being weekly market day, the crowd was larger than usual.  The jeep in picture below, is fully packed with close to 35 people (5-6 in front row, 5-6 in second row+ another 5-6 people on the makeshift wooden plank seat in between first and second row, 6 in rear side of the jeep, about 10 on top, 3-4 on bonnet, with few people still negotiating with the driver.
There’re some unique reasons why people prefer jeeps and vans, even when bus services are available:
  • Buses usually have fixed stops while jeeps stop anywhere
  • Buses have fixed fares while you can always bargain with jeep driver
  • Buses may not be frequent enough
  • Most of the places the roads are too small/ too bad for buses and jeep and tractors are the only drivable vehicles (we often go out in search of places to off road while these people drive on non-existent roads every day)
Strangely the driver seemed to have a swine flu mask around his neck, though he was visibly ignorant about vehicle load and road safety.
jeep-rear-view jeep-rear-view (2)
Either because of compulsions (of not having a better alternatives) or to save some time/money, many risk their lives and travel in overcrowded vehicles in lakhs of villages all over India. Seat belt, airbags, seating capacity.. what are these things?

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Monday, November 22, 2010

Heritage Scooters

Accidentally spotted 2 scooters of yester years, at Aloft Hotel in Chennai. Reddish scooters which are a few decades old… Sharing the photos (clicked on mobile camera) here as we don’t get to see them everyday. Kindly excuse if this is not of your interest
HSU-Prima-scooterHSU Prima scooter-front
scooter-handle  prima-rear
Asked a hotel staff for more details, she advised me to go to another place near reception where another model is kept on display, along with technical specs. Made between 1951 and 1953, these scooters have 125 cc and 150cc engine producing 5 horse power. Had 3 gears. Click on the images below for details specs.
white-heritage-scooterIMG00232-20101122-1315   The D MK2 Scooter Specifications IMG00226-20101122-1314
Asked hotel staff if they have details about their owners or from where they got these scooters.. They had no clue…

Unfortunately scooters are disappearing from market... Bajaj has stopped making scooters and other players like LML have long vanished from market... A few Bajaj retro ads for quick reference

Sunday, November 21, 2010

Jungle Lodges and Resorts: Review

Jungle Lodges and Resorts is a Govt-run eco-tourism enterprise, having its facilities at several hills and riversides across Karnataka. JLR has facilities at Kabini, Bandipur, Galibore, K Gudi (BR Hills), Bheemeshwari, Dubare, Doddamakali, Kali river (North Canara)

We happened to explore 2 of their facilities in July and this post lists some positive and negative aspects of facilities and services offered by Jungle Lodges and Resorts
Above: River Kaveri, as seen from a watch tower near Bheemeshwari
Good things about Jungle Lodges and Resorts:
  • All JLR facilities are located in scenic and calm locations of Karnataka, away from human habitat, far inside forests. In most of the destinations, there’s no alternative option to stay had there been no JLR (Most of the facilities are inside reserve forests, where private operators are just not allowed to set up hotels/resorts)
  • Staff are courteous, well trained and uniformed. Most of them are from forest department and are well experienced. I’m told most of the resorts are run with skeleton staff during weekdays. Rest of the staff arrive on Thursday evening and return on Monday (to the nearby city where their home is). Adventurous activities are outsourced
  • Much different experience compared to typical hotels or other resorts
  • Part of your payment goes towards conservation of forest, well being of forest animals and tribal people.
  • Day Visit Package is an ideal option if you’re not planning to stay overnight. At 1000 Rs per person, Day visit package is also affordable if you feel overnight stay is expensive.Day visit covers most of the activities (Arrive at 10AM, checkout by 5PM- includes lunch, coffee/tea, snacks, a few activities and entry fees etc), but is available only in select resorts (no day visits  in JLR facilities located inside reserve forests)
  • Discounts of about 5-7% can be secured if you bargain with the agent/booking staff
  • Cottages and other facilities are decent. Not so luxurious and 5-star-ish, neither down to earth. construction work was on in K Gudi to build more cottages
Below: A tourist trying joy fishing at JLR Bheemeshwari (left) and tourists getting ready for a safari in K Gudi (BR Hills)
Not so good aspects:
  • Take it or leave it policy: Non negotiable terms. Anything that is not part of the package will promptly be charged extra, but no refund/compensation when an activity part of the package is not offered (no trek if it is raining, no elephant ride if elephant is sick, no coracle ride if water current is too strong and so on) At times one may not be able to get full value for the money paid.
  • No concept of extra bed at discounted rates. Additional person will be charged full price, even if no extra cottage is provided
  • Credit cards not accepted, only cash dealings. (could be because the location doesn’t have proper telephone lines. Since payment is done 100% in advance this is not an issue unless you plan to take extra people/buy JLR merchandize at the campus or indulge in lots of activities not part of the package)
  • Most of the destinations will be sold out during weekends, weeks in advance. Partially because JLR is quite popular among international tourists and also corporate, who give JLR most of its business vis-a-vis domestic travellers. Many agents block JLR rooms in advance with anticipated business.
  • No discount for longer stays/large groups etc (except for a bus full of corporate clients)
  • Rates (About Rs 3000 to 5000 per person per day, depending on location) are a bit heavy on pocket for middle class. Regular home stays accommodate 2-3 people for similar amount, but of course you’ll miss the JLR experience
  • JLR blog could have been little more professional.
  • No separate kitchen, serving for veg and non-veg items. A few may not be comfortable with this.
  • Drivers who accompany the guests are supposed to get basic accommodation free. However our driver was denied accommodation saying the place is occupied by construction workers... A bit of unprofessional-ism there
Jungle Logdes is a nice place  to stay. Depending on what you look for in a holiday (calm and leisurely relaxation or birding and animal sighting or adventurous activities or fun with family etc), the satisfaction or delight may vary. JLR has launched online reservation of late and offers 5% discount, but I didn’t find online reservation system efficient.

The neighbouring Andhra Pradesh govt runs Harita range of resorts and what they call as “Jungle Jungle-Bells-tarrif-Vizag Bells” in several hill stations and tourist locations. Visually Jungle Bell campuses look similar to JLR but they lack the uniqueness of Jungle Lodges. However Jungle Bells are much economic than JLR. On your right is the jungle bells Vizag (Araku valley) tariff card. While room rent is much cheaper,unlike JLR it doesn’t include 3 times food and a set of activities. JLR adopts a packaged pricing and no ala carte available.

Warning: Recently there was an article in Bangalore Mirror about a flurry of fake Jungle Lodges like looking websites trying to fool unsuspecting tourists. is the official website of JLR and all others are fake. Be careful.

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Saturday, November 20, 2010

Free Online Bollywood Music from

RadioRhythmz is a popular online fm station, operated from London. RadioRhythmz plays nice bollywood tracks for you, while you read a blog or browse photos.
RadioRhythmz has a nice online live notepad, into which you can enter your text and have it appear in RR home page. You don’t even have to register… Just enter your name, mood and message and it will appear on the site after a short while.

Besides playing Bollywood music, RadioRhythmz also offers movie reviews and insights, tools to analyze your relationship and a facility to download hindi songs. Bollywood news section, love meter and other part of the website could be of interest to you.

You can watch and download video songs from latest bollywood movies, including Goalmaal3, Rakth Chitra. Break ke Baad etc

Complete list of their services
Radio Rhythmz Services:
1) 24/7 Bollywood radio station broadcasting hits only in High Definition sound quality.
2) Video section where you can download videos of latest Hindi, Punjabi and English songs. User does not need any video download plug-in. Each video can be download with the press of a button.
3) Latest Bollywood music in CD Quality MP3s / 320 kbps for free. Thousands of Bollywood songs available for free download.
4) Latest Punjabi music in CD Quality MP3s / 320 kbps for free. Hundreds of Punjabi songs available for free download.
5) Latest Bollywood news section with news in both print and video formats.
6) Weekly top 20 Bollywood music charts with option to download every song in the charts.
7) Music reviews of latest Bollywood music albums.
8) Artist of the month.
9) Information on latest Gigs and Concerts.
10) Hollywood movie reviews.
11) Hollywood movie previews.
12) Hollywood weekly box office report.
13) Weekly love horoscopes.
14) Dr Love answering your relationship queries.
15) Love compatibility match.
16) Dozens of love poems.
17) Dozens of love quotes.
18) Love proposal portal.
19) Radio Rhythmz toolbar to download from is the website where you can find more details. The website has a very impressive alexa world rank of 64k and alexa India rank of 16k. You may also stay tuned to their facebook page

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Friday, November 19, 2010

Trip advice: Advantages of starting early

Most of my trips are weekend ones- I’ll have the compulsion to start and end it between friday evening and Monday early morning. When a self drive rental is involved, rent has to be paid on a 24 hour basis, hence I’ll have to plan a 48 hours trip making the most of limited time.
I often plan the itinerary such that we start real early- 3 or 4 Am in the morning or even previous night. I feel there’re lots of advantages in starting early for a road trip, though sometimes I get resistance like “Only 150kms no? we’ll start at 6.30am” or “who’ll get up at 4am on a Saturday?”
But then, below are the advantages of starting early:
  • Get out of city super fast, due to less traffic during early morning hours
  • Reach breakfast hotels early-less crowd and better service
  • Reach destinations early-enjoy it when the crowd is minimal
  • Better bargaining abilities with the local vendors (Play the BoNi… card)
  • Chances of getting scenic sunrise shots on the highway if you get out of city before sunrise
  • Less rush at toll gates
  • At some toll gates, multiple entry tickets are valid till midnight. Make the most of it if you’re planning to return same day.
  • Ability to visit lesser known locations around your primary destination (you can’t think of anything else if you arrive late)
  • Buffer time in case of flat tyre, road blocks or other issues on the way
  • You might miss morning only activity if you arrive late (for example, Opening Ceremony in Ramoji film city)
  • At some destinations, parking fee attendants wouldn’t have come to duty that early. You get to save on parking fee
  • Open place activities (like climbing a hill) are comfortable to do early morning. By noon when the sun is hot, the same task will be more demanding
photographing morning sun
Above: File Photo of an early morning Sunrise photography, enroute to chitradurga
Some disadvantages:
  • If you’ve not had enough sleep, early morning driving can be risky. Even if you’re fully awake and alert, additional caution is needed as other drivers might be sleepy
  • Some destinations open only at 9 or 10AM and nothing can be done if you reach early-better  research and planning is needed in this regard (while places like Zoo/museum might open only after 9AM, places like viewpoints, temples, waterfalls might be accessible all the time. One needs to plan well to make the most of time
  • Some destinations won’t be at their best in the morning (for example, Dakshina Chitra on ECR will be buzzing with activity only in the afternoon)
  • If you’re low on fuel, most of the fuel stations won’t be open before 6 AM. Similarly roadside help (mechanical/for directions/eatables etc) may not be much
  • Starting early will be a challenge when family and kids are involved
Do add if you can think of some points

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Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Readers first, monetization secondary

Last month I’d included an online radio widget in my blog’s sidebar, which would play bollywood tracks while readers read my blog content. This was a paid service wherein I was paid a monthly amount to promote the online radio. I was required to keep it on auto-play (player would start playing as soon as blog is opened)
The music was nice and it was nice to make some money playing it. However, soon I realized that auto play option is creating some annoyance to few users (music playing all of a sudden when a reader wasn’t expecting any)
I published this post earlier asking my readers to give their feedback on this online radio player. About one fourth declared outright that they don’t like it, another one fourth preferred it not to be on auto play, rest said they can manage or they actually like it as it is.
With that split verdict, I’d almost decided on continuing the player in auto play, until I made another discovery.
I’ve a few valuable readers who are visually challenged. They read my blog using text to speech softwares, which read out the content of the post. The auto play music caused huge inconveniences for them- they were unable to figure out where the music was coming from or how to stop it. They can’t listen to text to speech reader when music is being played. Only way to get rid of music was to close my blog, which meant I ran a risk of losing such readers.

Such readers might be very few in number, but I do value them for their readership. One such person whom I had the chance to meet in Bangalore, was very excited to meet me and know more about the blog. Deciding to put the readers first, I took a decision to remove the online radio player, though it meant saying goodbye to some monthly revenue. I might include it later in an opt-in mode, which may not be paid but will play only if users click play button.

Making money has never been an objective of this blog, hence I’d always put readers first. Thanks again.

Afternoon update: I've now included the player in an opt-in mode. It will play only if you click play button.

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Monday, November 15, 2010

Hogenakkal waterfalls- then n now

Hogenakkal is a scenic place in Tamil Nadu-Karnataka border where river Kaveri enters into Tamil Nadu from Karnataka. Some gigantic rocks create a waterfall like scene which is scenic. Water level varies along the year. My second visit to Hogenakkal was a totally different experience from the first. This post shares some brief notes and photos, comparing the two visits.

My first visit to Hogenakkal was in Feb 2009, while returning from Yercaud, a hill station near Salem. Water levels were much lower there. We’d got into a coracle, reached an island kind of place, got nice view of the falls (pics below), got into the coracle again, went for another ride, right below these waterfalls and came back.

waterfalls-hogenakkalhogenakkal-top-view-feb09 depth
There were few coracles which were floating shops. The vendor would sell the goods to the tourists on other coracles… There were kids who’d risk their lives and jump from top of the rocks diving into the waters, for a small fee-of Rs 15.
coracle-shop calm-waters
The coracle ride had cost around Rs 500 or 600 back then, for 4 of us.

The November 2010 visit was another story. The water levels were much higher (due to recent rains-obviously) and visit to central island suspended. Coracle ride was being offered in a different route- from the Karnataka side, riding downstream.

The cost as gone up to Rs 200 per person, the boatmen were uniformed and licensed (after govt started issuing license the number of boatmen has gone down from 500 to 300, we’re told). We were taken to an upstream location in an auto, from where we commenced our ride (read a related post about life jackets)
hogenakkal-falls-top-view hogenakkal-falls-nov2010
Click on the photos for enlarged view. Hogenakkal looks majestic with or without water. During both visits we entered it from the Tamil nadu side, taking turn at Dharmapuri. There’s another road which is on the Karnataka side, need to explore that next time. Its a very nice place for Jungle Lodges & resorts to set up an eco tourism facility.   

A bridge is being constructed to go near the falls. Looks like the bridge is constructed only half way. If it was extended till the bank, it will probably eliminate the need for coracles and could save lots of money for tourists.
Tamil Nadu govt’s Hogenakkal water project construction has started. Large pipes were being laid along the way and booster stations being setup at regular intervals to pump up the pressure. The capacity of the water project will be about 1600 lakh litres per day.

Body massages and fresh water fish products are supplementary attractions at Hogenakkal, to those these things matter.

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What NOT to do with a Life Jacket

There were a few boat mishaps in Kerala earlier this year and accidents of various kind keep happening all over. We often blame the government and officials, but how serious we are, about our own safety, is something to be introspected. Was at Hogenakkal yesterday and as we got ready for a coracle ride, the life jackets were in short supply. The people in-charge were giving life jackets in a rationed manner- one or two per boat.

While it might appear cool and nice to wear a bright orange life jacket and board the coracle, the thick stuff creates additional sweating and its bulkiness starts giving a feeling of discomfort, as people settle into the coracle and get away with initial fears. What happens next is in front of your eyes below: the life jacket either becomes a shield to protect one from sun tan, or goes under the body to create cushioned seating in an otherwise rough coracle.  corracle-life-jacket-hogenakkalThe Coracle ride in Hogenakkal involves multiple short rides on Coracle (you ride a bit, get down, walk a bit, get on it again and so on). Majority of the tourists do not carry their life jackets till the end of the ride (so that the crew can bring it back to the starting point and give it to next set of riders). Instead, they prefer to abandon the jackets somewhere on the rocks or elsewhere, as soon as they get bored of itdiscarded-life-jackets.
Not just the life jackets, but everyday safety measures like seat belts, helmets and so on, we always give in to the comfort of not following the safety norms.

What can be done?

Also, in an unrelated observations, the life jackets had tsunami rehabilitation program marks on it. Not sure how these are related. Standby for more photos of the beautiful hogenakkal falls.

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