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Hogenakkal waterfalls- then n now

-2020 update: Had to remove photos due to technical issue (site where I had uploaded them went down)- will try to restore -

Hogenakkal is a scenic place in Tamil Nadu-Karnataka border where river Kaveri enters into Tamil Nadu from Karnataka. Some gigantic rocks create a waterfall like scene which is scenic. Water level varies along the year. My second visit to Hogenakkal was a totally different experience from the first. This post shares some brief notes and photos, comparing the two visits.

My first visit to Hogenakkal was in Feb 2009, while returning from Yercaud, a hill station near Salem. Water levels were much lower there. We’d got into a coracle, reached an island kind of place, got nice view of the falls (pics below), got into the coracle again, went for another ride, right below these waterfalls and came back.

There were few coracles which were floating shops. The vendor would sell the goods to the tourists on other coracles… There were kids who’d risk their lives and jump from top of the rocks diving into the waters, for a small fee-of Rs 15.

The coracle ride had cost around Rs 500 or 600 back then, for 4 of us.

The November 2010 visit was another story. The water levels were much higher (due to recent rains-obviously) and visit to central island suspended. Coracle ride was being offered in a different route- from the Karnataka side, riding downstream.

The cost as gone up to Rs 200 per person, the boatmen were uniformed and licensed (after govt started issuing license the number of boatmen has gone down from 500 to 300, we’re told). We were taken to an upstream location in an auto, from where we commenced our ride (read a related post about life jackets)

Click on the photos for enlarged view. Hogenakkal looks majestic with or without water. During both visits we entered it from the Tamil Nadu side, taking turn at Dharmapuri. There’s another road which is on the Karnataka side, need to explore that next time. Its a very nice place for Jungle Lodges & resorts to set up an eco tourism facility.   

A bridge is being constructed to go near the falls. Looks like the bridge is constructed only half way. If it was extended till the bank, it will probably eliminate the need for coracles and could save lots of money for tourists.

Tamil Nadu govt’s Hogenakkal water project construction has started. Large pipes were being laid along the way and booster stations being setup at regular intervals to pump up the pressure. The capacity of the water project will be about 1600 lakh litres per day.

Body massages and fresh water fish products are supplementary attractions at Hogenakkal, to those these things matter.

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  1. Hi Nidhi,Scenario seems to be very tempting!!Must make it sometime.

  2. I too visited Hogenakkal from the TamilNadu side, and it looked somewhat like in the first pics... the second set look good too... can imagine the place full of water..must be fab! But i am a bit sceptical about the bridge... have seen the kind of problems construction and ease to tourists brings along.... and feel that places should be left in their natural state..

  3. Understand your view... better leave it alone... But we'd need a right balance between conservation and eco-tourism

  4. Great post on Hogenakkal...........A wonderful place.

    Place which has water is always so charming.....!

    Nice to know about the developments looks like government has made some improvements...!

  5. Beautiful shots. I have been planning this trip for long time now.

  6. Do include it in your next TN/Karnataka tour

  7. I haven't been to that place but it surely looks beautiful. Thanks for sharing the pictures! :)

  8. Nethra,
    Do visit it during your next south india tour...

    Thanks for dropping by

  9. Nice contrasting post ... keep me informed when you are planning for a 3rd visit :)

  10. This place is good for a quick one day visit


  11. Can be a one day trip from Both CHennai and Bangalore, else can be clubbed with Elagiri or Yercaud of other nearby destinations


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