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Trip advice: Advantages of starting early

Most of my trips are weekend ones- I’ll have the compulsion to start and end it between friday evening and Monday early morning. When a self drive rental is involved, rent has to be paid on a 24 hour basis, hence I’ll have to plan a 48 hours trip making the most of limited time.
I often plan the itinerary such that we start real early- 3 or 4 Am in the morning or even previous night. I feel there’re lots of advantages in starting early for a road trip, though sometimes I get resistance like “Only 150kms no? we’ll start at 6.30am” or “who’ll get up at 4am on a Saturday?”
But then, below are the advantages of starting early:
  • Get out of city super fast, due to less traffic during early morning hours
  • Reach breakfast hotels early-less crowd and better service
  • Reach destinations early-enjoy it when the crowd is minimal
  • Better bargaining abilities with the local vendors (Play the BoNi… card)
  • Chances of getting scenic sunrise shots on the highway if you get out of city before sunrise
  • Less rush at toll gates
  • At some toll gates, multiple entry tickets are valid till midnight. Make the most of it if you’re planning to return same day.
  • Ability to visit lesser known locations around your primary destination (you can’t think of anything else if you arrive late)
  • Buffer time in case of flat tyre, road blocks or other issues on the way
  • You might miss morning only activity if you arrive late (for example, Opening Ceremony in Ramoji film city)
  • At some destinations, parking fee attendants wouldn’t have come to duty that early. You get to save on parking fee
  • Open place activities (like climbing a hill) are comfortable to do early morning. By noon when the sun is hot, the same task will be more demanding
photographing morning sun
Above: File Photo of an early morning Sunrise photography, enroute to chitradurga
Some disadvantages:
  • If you’ve not had enough sleep, early morning driving can be risky. Even if you’re fully awake and alert, additional caution is needed as other drivers might be sleepy
  • Some destinations open only at 9 or 10AM and nothing can be done if you reach early-better  research and planning is needed in this regard (while places like Zoo/museum might open only after 9AM, places like viewpoints, temples, waterfalls might be accessible all the time. One needs to plan well to make the most of time
  • Some destinations won’t be at their best in the morning (for example, Dakshina Chitra on ECR will be buzzing with activity only in the afternoon)
  • If you’re low on fuel, most of the fuel stations won’t be open before 6 AM. Similarly roadside help (mechanical/for directions/eatables etc) may not be much
  • Starting early will be a challenge when family and kids are involved
Do add if you can think of some points

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  1. Really good, cost effective and time saving, can make many trips, hurray! (We shall make short trips keeping ur tips in mind!):)

  2. Add to that people like me, who hate to get up early unless absolutely required. But I do see your point.

  3. Well documented advantages and disadvantages. I prefer to start early too. :)

  4. Indrani:
    Thanks. Good to know I've company... Many said they just can't get up early...

    Mridula, Jnaneshwara and Prasanna: Many Thanks

  5. we try to start early too, and though we first thought it would be difficult for our son, he surprises us every time. the chap who makes a ruckus when we wake him up at 7AM for school happily wakes up by himself at 4AM when we are travelling!

  6. If there's a will, there is a way! He'll be a great traveler once he grows up... Let him start a blog right away!

  7. i agree
    lot more advantageous for starting early... we do

  8. I agree...there are advantages for example around Delhi if you start around Friday evening you can get the Friday night as well as Saturday Night..a time to be friends :P, But practically its like getting the most out of the least.

  9. Its always better to be early than late.On reaching your destination, you get time to rejuvenate.

  10. Tarun, For Delhi traffic, one will lose half a day by not starting early

    SRA sir,

    Good to know. Have seen some of your early morning pics

  11. Good tips. Starting early is good at most times as it makes the day long for us to cover.

  12. BoNi card could turnout other way also .. remember at Dubare they quoted extra tips for rafting :)

  13. Shande,
    Sometime despite month long planning we do miss some points...

    Yes, that person was trying extract some more money.. good that we didn't opt for it..


  14. Superb, beautifully compiled and I agree with you.

  15. Can't agree more! Me being an early bird, it is always beneficial to start early to get rid off the traffic woes in the city limits.


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