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Old Memories: Satyam Computers bike parking sticker

My bike still has 4 year old parking sticker, once issued by Satyam computers.... At every service I used to give specific instructions to ensure that the sticker is not damaged...

The company that issued it is now famous for all wrong reasons and is believed to be recovering under new management and modified brand name.

The CSC Office in Shozhinganallur Chennai which issued it, is long vacated and the empty building, still unoccupied, stands there to tell stories...

At times I get senti looking at the sticker...

Old memories seldom die...

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  1. Yes you are right it got known for all wrong reasons. I wonder if some employees had an inkling about what was going on?

  2. Hmm, unlikely...

    Unless he/she was at top of the ladder

  3. Ram,

    The office building was vacated by Satyam when new management tookover, as a cost cutting measure

  4. Hmm... memories... they seldom leave you.

  5. thanks for visiting my blog and voting for my post in indivine

  6. I am getting senti looking at the sticker !!!

    How could Satyam manage to have so many employees who love it so much after all that has happened !

  7. Radhika: Tough times bring people closer- may be the tragic end strengthened the bond?


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