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Reader Appreciation- thanking regular readers

This post is to recognize and thank those who’ve been commenting regularly at this blog. Though about 500 visitors visit this blog on an average per day, only 1% or about 5 of them write comments. In this post recognizing some of my readers who’ve been commenting more often. Recognizing readers by comment may not be a right way, but this seems to be the only practical way (though we can track visitors by their IP, service provider, city etc, I won’t have their names unless they take trouble to leave some comments) Last time I did something like this was 3 years ago, in December 2007 (read the then post Comment Kings of this blog)

There are many who were actively commenting at one point of time but eventually drifted away. Most of my comment kings of December 2007 are also commenting rarely. Below are my readers, who’ve written 5 or more comments during past 3 months.

Mridula D: One of my very long term readers (since December 2007), lecturer by profession and a top travel blogger by passion. Mridula blogs at
Sankara SC: We were strangers to each other till the Nano superdrive and we’ve been interacting often after that. Sankara loves to ride around in his bullet, has been successfully freelancing and running his travel business. Sankara blogs at and true to its name, is on the road most of the time.
Ramsubramanian K: Friend and well wisher, travel mate in 2-3 road trips (so far), Ram is a veteran photographer and blogs at about his travel experiences
Lakshmi Rajan: Haven’t met him yet, but hope to some day. LR is one of the key contributors at
Rajesh: Rajesh’s blog, looks very simple and basic, but his posts are detailed enough. Wish to visit all those places some day
Deepak (Magic EYE): Haven’t met him and we probably started visiting each others’ blogs due to Indivine. Deepak’s photos at have been very catchy.
Logesh: probably the only one to be present in both December 2007 and November 2010 lists, blogs at yet to meet him in person, though we were just kms apart couple of times.
Mohan BN: Another long term reader, yet to meet him in real life. Mohan blogs at
Other regular visitors who’ve been commenting: SR Ayyengar,  Dbarpita Mohapatra (fellow blogger at Nano superdrive, blogs at Archistar, Imnjack, Anu Menon (who also wrote 2 guest posts for this blog), Aarti K, Indrani, Nalini Hebbar, Anu, Joshi Daniel and others.
Just taking this opportunity to thank all the above readers and everyone else whom I couldn’t mention for their readership and comments at this blog.

Please note that above list is compiled manually, by referring to comments repository at blogger and listing those who’ve been written 5 or more comments during past 90 days. I might have missed a few due to oversight. If you’ve been commenting regularly but not listed above, do let me know. There’re many of you who read from google reader or email subscription or other means. Request you to visit the actual blog once a while and share your feedbacks. Reader support is the single largest motive for a blogger to keep blogging.

Also a special mention for Raghava Satish, who's said he reads my blog using text to speech softwares, since he has visual challenges. Besides his job at IBM, Raghava undertakes several initiatives to help other visually challenged individuals and organizations helping them.

Thanks again.

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  1. Shri,
    Once again I'm flattered.
    Thanks for the mention.
    As i told before, i like your writing style.
    i request you to write more on Advertising and lifestyle, which u used to do.

    Meeting... yes we should meet sooner. I'm away for a week, wil come back and give u a call.. shud meet definitely by this month. sure!!

  2. Thanks for the mention Shrinidhi. I take this as a honor, it has been my pleasure to have met you in virtual world through all these years and look forward to meet in person sometime soon.

    I like this idea of appreciating your regular readers by dedicating a post to them. Let me come up with one such post soon.

  3. thanks for your appreciation Shri... 'm honored :)

  4. Hi Srinidhi.. Must tell one thing...whenever i read your blogs, i feel like things are happening infront of my own eyes.. Never thought blogging can make such a difference on one's own opinions...i have never apprecaited this whole blogging phenomenon untill i saw your's '' :)...Infact i was planning to buy a car.. and based on your blogs/reviews i have zeroed in on the figo...way to go..Keep more and more blogs rolling sir...Jai Blogging...

  5. Thanks for the mention Shrinidhi - i hope to make more trips to add to the list :)
    On a different note - my trip got canceled and i had to cancel my visa interview too

  6. thx for the music link - really nice add

  7. Logesh,
    Thanks. These days I am oriented more towards travel, but yes, will aim for business related posts.


    Deb, you're welcome

    Vishnuprasad Hebri,

    Those were really kind words. Meanwhile may be I should check with ford for some referral commissions!

    Sad to hear about cancellation, but I'm sure you'll be able to reschedule it sometime in near future

  8. :D Thanks for the mention Shrinidhi :D Feels really good.

  9. Thanks for spreading the love buddy! I am honored. Thank you!

    We should try and meet up once I am back in town after the NE trip. And may be a trip together...finally :-)

  10. Mridula,
    You're welcome.

    Sure. Buzz me once you're back.

  11. Hey, thanks a lot for the mention... I really enjoy reading your blog. Am at present catching up on all the posts I missed when I was away... so you will be getting more comments from me soon :)

  12. Hey, I wasn't so regular, sorry for that. So kind of you to mention my name too.
    It reminds me of my school teachers who constantly motivate by praising for small feats. :)Thank you once more.
    Warm Regards.

  13. It was a pleasant surprise to fine my name mentioned here and I feel elated. Thanks Shrinidhi. Hope to meet you in real soon.

  14. Hey mate...Thanks for that special is sometimes difficult to interact with all posts i read using a screen reader. So as to save time i just move on..Any ways thanks for the mention and can you include my blog link

  15. Raghava,

    Added the link.

    LR: Me too. Let us see when it happens. Met Mohan BN finally in Blr last weekend...

    Indrani: I believe you'd commented more than 5 times in last 3 months, hence were classified as regular

    Anu: Thanks for your patronage

  16. that was a beautiful gesture.
    thank you.

  17. Hey Shri,
    Thank you. Reading the posts at your blog has always been a wonderful experience.

  18. Any good post/blog will attract readers be it friend or not.

  19. There are many interesting here. Hope to see some more in future

  20. I think you have a great page here… today was my first time coming here.. I just happened to find it doing a google search. anyway, good post.. I’ll be bookmarking this page for sure.


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