Sunday, April 12, 2015

St Thomas Mount Shrine, Chennai

St Thomas Mount is a small hill closer to Chennai airport. It houses a church and offers good view of the city, as well as aircrafts on their final approach to land.
I had never been to St Thomas Mount all these days and finally went there today. Below are some pictures taken at St Thomas mount. Many people were also seen using this area as a place for jogging/exercise. One can go up either in a vehicle or using stairs.

St Thomas is said to be the person who brought Christianity to India. Official history of St Thomas Mount is available in this website.

I didn't go inside the church as Sunday Mass was in full swing and church was filled up with people.

This place is certainly worth a visit for its serenity and views.

There's Rs 10 ticket for parking and Rs 10 fee for each camera.


VJ Sharma said...

I have never visited Chennai but will add this chruch to my list of things to be explored in the city.

Shrinidhi Hande said...


Yes, do stop by at St Thomas Mount...