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Lakme School of Style from Karan Johar

#fame is India’s leading digital network and has come up with a unique creative initiative, called Lakme School of Style. Lakme School of Style claims to be India’s first video magazine for fashion and beauty. The perception of style keeps changing rapidly over time as new ideas hit the market, hence concepts like Style School help beauty and fashion conscious people stay in touch with the latest happenings. According to Saket Saurabh, CEO of #fame, who is one of the key persons behind this initiative, #Fame is committed to discovering and promoting best of the talents through this new digital video platform.
Lakme is a beauty brand favorited by many women. When I had an opportunity to write about their latest initiative- Lakme School of style, I wasn’t sure what to write- as it wouldn’t fit into the type of topics I usually write on my blog. But then, I noticed that Karan Johar is the editor in chief of Lakme School of style- I felt there should be something interesting for menfolk in this.
Besides showcasing the latest trends,  School of Style from Lakme also aims to ideate new age fashionistas (Fashionistas are people who follow fashion industry very closely) and idols/ style divas.

An interesting part of Lakme School of Style is that general public- particular bloggers and video bloggers (referred to as vloggers) can also contribute their tips and styles through videos, which will be curated by the editorial team, led by Editor in Chief Karan Johar and featured as appropriate.
I spent some time browsing through some of the videos on LSS. I tried focusing on those videos which could be useful to men. Below are two videos I could hand pick to share with you.

 5 Shoes Every Man Must Own

In this video, Riaan George explain 5 types of shoes each and every man should have in his shoe collection. I had met Riaan during the Thailand trip last year and he is recognized as one of the most fashionable men in India. In the video, Riaan talks about Boots, Loafers, sneakers, lace ups and formal shoes. Riaan explains how each type of shoe goes well with specific type of clothing.

Karan Johar talks to two time cancer survivor

In this video, Karan Johan interviews with 2 time cancer survivor blogger. Ruchi Gokhale survived deadly cancer not once but twice. She’s cancer free for an year now and says she used to dress up normally despite not having hair or best of the health and this keeps her going. “I got cancer but cancer didn’t get me” effectively summerizes Ruchi’s win over cancer. She is running her youtube chanel on cancer awareness and is a vlogger on Lakme School of Style.
School of Style by Lakme is probably a good alternative to subscribing to overpriced style magazines. Enjoy fresh fashion videos on LSS. My best wishes to #Fame and Lakme School of Fashion.


  1. Very Nice Post... Thanks for this unique, valuable and resourceful post. Second video is just awesome. Keep posting such a nice stuff!

  2. Very Nice Post... Thanks for this unique, valuable and resourceful post. Second video is just awesome. Keep posting such a nice stuff!


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