Accommodation options at Art of Living's Bengaluru campus

Art of Living campus has wide range of accommodation to suit different budget and comfort levels. This post introduces to some of those options that I could check out during my stay in AOL campus last weekend.

1 Dormitories (Shared rooms)
These are the most basic accommodations in AOL campus- offered to participants of various programs like Happiness Program, AMP (Advance Meditation Program) etc. Men and women stay in separate rooms- each room has 3 beds shared with others. Towel, toiletries etc to be brought by guests. Rooms have fans only (adequate for the local weather). These are many in number.

The combination lock, which opens when rotated to specific numbers in specific direction is a good idea. This eliminates need for carrying a key (and the inconvenience of not having one when needed). Each member of the room just has to remember the combination.

I stayed in one of these rooms. Do remember to carry your towel, soap and other essentials. Do carry a water bottles, there're many outlets all around the campus that serve drinking water for free.

2 Basava Gardens
Basava Gardens are independent houses with 2-3 bed rooms and all standard facilities including AC, often offered to corporates who come here for various CSR initiatives or Corporate programs

3 Meera Vanam
Meera Vanam rooms are offered to people who come for treatment at Panchakarma ayurvedic health centre. There are standard rooms and a few suit rooms (37 in total).  Meera Bhavan is designed in Kerala style.

4 Panchakarma Spa Villa
Ultra-modern and super luxurious stay for those who can afford it. Read more about Spa Villa in a separate post here

5 Cottages near Gurukul-
These are offered to families, particularly those who visit with elderly members of the family. There’re just 3 of these and these are suitable for large families. From the balcony you can see the lake and lots of birds. It is located adjacent to Gurukul campus.

6 Sumeru Realty: 
This is an apartment complex next to AOL Kitchen. Devotees who wish to stay closer to Ashram can buy an apartment in this complex.
7 Then there’re staff quarters, hostels for students and other facilities for volunteers and support staff.

Bookings are facilitated based on various parameters- such as purpose of visit. You can not simply walk in and say you wish to check-in.

In terms of food, there's a main kitchen that serves close to 12000-15000 people a day. Kitchen has got separate section for staff and international guests. International guests get same food as regulars, but a non spicy version of Sambar/Dal is provided for them, besides a table n chair to sit (Others sit on the floor). Everyone, including international guests wash their plates themselves. Onion and garlic are not used in AOL Kitchen.
 Information about acidic and alkaline food at AOL's Kitchen
Above: Top view of AOL Kitchen in Kanakapura..
Below: Closer view of giant solar panels

Panchakarma Ayurvedic centre gets its own kitchen, which serves special purpose dietary/healthy food catering to health needs of patients visiting Panchakarma for ayurvedic treatment.

For the regular visitors, food can also be bought at the restaurant near the entrance, called Cafe Vishala. Cafe Vishala has a sweets counter that sells sweets made of jaggery, honey and other ingenious elements than commercially used sweeteners. 

If you can’t stay in Ashram then nearest accommodations are about 10kms away near Banashankari area.

Also check: Vishalakshi Mantap


  1. The campus looks very green and soothing. I am sure the participants to the course will love their stay.

  2. This place is like heaven :)

  3. It looks so divine !! must visit

  4. @Prasad: True.. it is very nice and comfortable campus

    @Anon: Thanks

    @Rakesh: yes. do visit.

  5. Can anyone please tell cost of accomodation

    1. Hi, My visit was few years ago, so information would have changed by now. Best to check with AOL directly. Different accommodations have different pricing, so you will find one in your budget.

  6. Meera vanam 4000 for double room and 3500 for single room and 4000 per person cost if ayurvedic treatment per day

    1. thanks sir for information, I am coming on Oct this year, for 2 rooms i need, what i have to do please reply,

  7. I need to stay for one day at ashram what are the charges ?

  8. is there any cottage with only one bedroom at ashram

  9. Sir, I am Coming on last of Oct,2018 with 6 people, Please anyone help to tell me , where is the best place to stay and tour in Bangalore, mail id =

  10. We are coming on 22ndnov for four days course for the first time. Want to book room for three in advance. Please guide

    1. You should check directly with AOL. I am unable to guide or help. I am sure their website has enough details

  11. Wow! Thanks for such a detailed account. Really helpful.

  12. Sir. Theres is an abacus competition at AOL on 25 jan 2019 to 28 jan.. I am coming with my two daughters aged 5 and 6. Can u suggest me cheap price for guest house.. Mail id is


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