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Kate’s point viewpoint Mahabaleshwar

Kate’s point is at about 1280 meters from sea level and offers scenic view of the dam and reservoir below. It is located in the northern tip of Mahabaleshwar tourist area.

Kate was the name of daughter of british Governor- Sir John Malcom.
 Balakwadi Dam and Krishna valley as seen from Kate’s point

Kamal gad fort can be seen from here only if you have superzoom lens or if you pay the telescope operator.

Echo Point, which wasn’t echoing anything when we shouted.. (Not sure if we didn't should loud enough)

There’s a 10 Rs per person entry fee at Kate’s point. A restaurant & fancy items shop also exist near the view point. A few strawberry farms and ice cream shops are closer.

You can stand behind these and get your photos clicked, for a fee.
Horse rides can be had for Rs 100 (300 meters). More about Mahabaleshwar horses here


  1. Nice post ! I too have heard d about strawberry farms like mapro ...

  2. love this place to bits. have forgotten the count of the times I have been there :-)

  3. I love view points like this. Nice to see Kate's point through your pictures. The massive rocky landscape is quite a sight, eh.

    Echo Points seem to have lost the ability to throw back our voices (in most places) I don't know if that is a good thing or a bad one. :)

  4. @D Nambiar

    Or may be people are not able to shout loud enough these days!


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