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Quality time at the best hotels in Coimbatore

Coimbatore in TN is closer to Textile hub of Tirupur. It is also closer to several hill stations such as Valparai. Coimbatore is also a hub for supplying flowers to most of Kerala and TN.
The famous Isha Yoga centre is about an hour’s drive from Coimbatore. I had been to Coimbatore twice- once in 2010 during Tata Nano super drive, during which I stayed at Hotel Sri Murugan, near Coimbatore central railway station and more recently in 2015 January, during the launch of the boutique hotel Zone by the Park in Coimbatore. This summer, if you’re heading to Coimbatore, here’re some of the best hotels in Coimbatore town.
If you can get up early and have a few hours to spare, do visit Coimbatore flower market for a good up close experience. Here loose flowers are tied together into garlands and shipped all across the state and to neighboring Kerala. Similarly vegetable market gives you a unique experience of observing vendors and buyers  in action.
Some interesting places to visit in Coimbatore are:
CSI Immanuel Church, VOC park, Perur Pateeswarar temple, Isha Yoga centre etc among others. CSI Immanuel church is the oldest church in Coimbatore. Coimbatore also has a nice race track where motorsports can be practiced and enjoyed.
From the list of hotels in Coimbatore, here’re a few handpicked ones.
HOTEL SHIVA GRAND, near Coimbatore Central
Located near Coimbatore central on Old Post Office road, Hotel Shiva Grand bears the name of its founder. It is less than a km from Coimbatore central, which means you can probably walk into Shiva grand after getting down from the train. That simply saves a few hundred rupees otherwise spent on taxi. Shiva Grand has deluxe room, executive room and suite rooms. Coupled with a nice banquet hall and restaurant, Shiva Grand meets all your luxury needs within budget.
Rathna Regent, on Avinashi Road
Another good hotel in the heart of town is Rathna Regent on Avinashi road, city’s most happening road. Rathna offers studio rooms with kitchenettes, - not very common in city hotels. They also claim to personalize your stay as much as possible. Located over a campus 2 acres big, Ratha Regent is spacious, business friendly  and well equipped choice for luxury stay as well as business events.

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So do your hotel bookings in Coimbatore for a pleasant stay.

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