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Asus Zenfone2: Battery life matters

Asus Zenfone2 has hit the market last week with prices ranging from Rs 12999 to 22999 and is selling like a hot cake. I had attended Zenfone’s pre-launch meet in Chennai earlier this month and had a chance to take a closer look at some of its unique features.

Zenfone to has a dozen + unique features, which include 4GB RAM (Zenfone 2 is world’s first smartphone with 4 GB Ram), Pizelmaster camera with low light imaging capabilities, selfie Panorama and other features, dual profile capability (one of the features of ZenUI), en ergonomic, curvy (arc) design which is easy to grip and won’t fall off.
In this post, let us focus on one of the key features of Zenfone 2- its battery life. Most of the smartphones are not so smart when it comes to battery life. They dry out within half a day and we’ll have to scramble for power and wait long time by the socket while the phone charges itself.  Lots of times we fail to make the most of our smartphones as we run out of power and ways to recharge it quickly. But Zenfone 2, on the other hand is much smarter in this aspect. It can charge itself by 60% in about 39 minutes. That is relatively quick. By the time you finish your lunch or a shower or some other short break/activity, your phone can feed itself too. This feature makes this phone an ideal companion for travellers, trekkers and others who spend lots of time outdoors. Asus also has on offer a high capacity power bank. Leave home with a fully charged phone and power bank and it will be possible to manage all day without needing a power socket till night. With some cautious usage, it can be used even for a 2 day trek with overnight camping. Its high resolution, low light capable camera means you don’t have to carry heavy DSLR- makes trekking/travel a lot easier.
You can buy Asus Zenfone2 on flipkart  and stay in touch with brand’s facebook page. Another good thing to note that Asus India head, Peter Chang is very active on social media responding to critics and customers. He keeps sharing latest plans for availability, what colours/variants they are focusing on and so on. He takes feedback from customers directly and factors them during the decision making- this a very good way of engaging customers. During the Chennai pre-launch event, he had very effectively explained phone’s features to the audience- I had the opportunity of capturing his unique facial expressions during that event, of which I made a collage, which he has later shared on his facebook profile. (he was polite enough to ask me on twitter if he can share it)

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