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2 Types of Excuses

In our day to day operations we interact with lots of people and at times, people give excuses as to why they are not able to do something. This post is a quick analysis of such excuses

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In the context of this post, excuse is defined as “a defense of some offensive behavior or some failure to keep a promise etc”

At a high level, I classify the excuses into 2 types

Interested but have some genuine concern:
When people want to help you/keep their promise but are not able to do some due to certain problems they are facing, they fall into this category. This kind of people can be dealt with easily, as they usually respond positively if you come up with a solution for their excuses. It’s very much possible to arrive at a mutually beneficial deal with this kind of people.

Not interested, hence faking some excuses:
When the primary interest is missing and people still try to show that they’re very much willing to help, they come up with a wide range of lame excuses trying to justify “I want to do but not able to”. This type of people do not respond positively if you propose a solution to their concerns. They’ll come up with some other excuse. It’s very easy to identify that the excuse is not genuine as the party wont be able to provide additional evidence/logical reasoning/proper explanation. Since the interest to cooperate is not there, any negotiation or any attempt to arrive at a mutually beneficial situation will eventually fail.

So determining the other party’s primary interest in the issue under consideration is very critical. If someone is not at all interested in peace and their hidden agenda is to spread terrorism, any amount of discussions, talks and negotiations will not bring in peace, because the other party will not respond honestly or fulfill its side of commitment.

If you find that someone is giving second type of excuse, it will be better to avoid negotiating with them altogether and shift to alternate options. Unless you’re in a compulsion, don’t waste time dealing with those who do not have the basic interest in helping/cooperating. This is because for a successful relationship both parties have to show some interest, mutual respect and commitment.

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