A prize winning Kannada Sonnet and other articles

After I completed class 12 and before my engineering classes started, I wrote several articles which got published in state level media. Giving some of them here:
Shrinidhi Hande (enidhi)'s award winning poem that was published in Kannada newspaper
My prize winning Kannada sonnet, published way back in July 1 2001 in Vijaya Karnataka...(A kannada newspaper now owned by Bennett, Coleman & Co(Times Of India Group). They'd sent a Rs 25 Bharadwaj dictionary as the prize...

My other articles in Vijaya Karnataka:(most of them are obselete now in terms of information)
Shrinidhi Hande (enidhi) 's article that was published in local mediaPublished 4th Jan 2002 (Initially I'd joing Gogte Engg College Belgaum when I wrote this one, later shifted to DSCE Bangalore)

Shrinidhi Hande (enidhi) 's article that was published in Vijaya Karnataka
Published 31st August 2001

Shrinidhi Hande (enidhi) 's article that was published in local mediaPublished 12 July 2002

Feb 01, 2009 Write up: Click on the image to enlarge it. The write-up is about gender confusion surrounding the name Shrinidhi- I've written in detail about this in English here in an earlier post.

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