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Olympus FE 170 Video review-First video on this blog

The one man movie team at enidhi India has successfully recorded its first movie and released it to the public.

Below is the first video on this blog, another giant leap towards reader's delightment by enidhi India. Let me know what you think of this video.

Below is a video review of Olympus FE 170 digital camera.


Video capture was done using: Sony Ericson's K750i (That's my new phone: more about it later)
Laptop and data transfer courtesy: Pradeep

Note: There's been over a dozen new posts in past 7-10 days. I strongly recommend checking December Archive by clicking here to ensure that you didn't miss any posts-Publisher

17 Jan 2007 Update: This video has one an award at mouthshut.com. Details here.That's success at first attempt itself and is worth boasting of.
March 2009 Update: unfortunately my promised prize, return domestic air tickets, never came through, despite follow ups.

Read review of my new camera: Sony DSC H50 here * Panasonic DMC FT3 review


  1. Good Review My friend. But hey i would like to inform you that mouthshut has launched video reviews so you can now Post video reviews also, here is a link of few video reviews.





  2. Hi Nathan,

    I'm aware of MS video review and have submitted video revews there as well...

    (Just posted the same video in my blog for the benefit of my readers who dont visit mouthshut)


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