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Categorizing my posts

Hello All

So far I was writing on multiple topics and different subjects. Because of which I was not able to fit my blog into any category. (It doesn’t fit anywhere even now  )

After much deliberation and thought process, I’ve decided to classify my writings into 10 broad categories and will focus only on these categories, for future posts…

Your comments/advice are welcome.

The categories are:

1. Analysis and Strategy:
My interpretation of various happenings as well as advice and tips will fall in this category

2. Business and Marketing:
Posts on business issues, market related news and other corporate matters are covered under this label.

3. HR and People
All my thoughts on HR, people management, psychology, culture, attitude and behavioral analysis fall into this label.

4. Science and Technology:
Technical/Scientific contents

5.Photos and videos:
All audio, video and photographic posts shall have this label.

6.News, Media and Creative writing:
All my work that appeared in various media, my other creative writings like story/poem, comments on other media items

7. Education and Communication:

8. Personal posts and miscellaneous
Posts which doesn’t fall into any specific category and my personal topics which might not be of much use to you unless you wish to know more about me.

9.Kannada and Karnataka:
My posts in Kannada language, posts about Bangalore, Kannada, karnataka etc

10. Travel and Living:
All posts on travel, tourism, outing, entertainment, lifestyle, city life, vacation and more

11. Humor and Comedy

A single post may fall into multiple categories if situation demands.

Categorizing helps users find similar posts within the blog when they like a particular post and wish to dig further. This also tells people what type of posts they can expect from the blogger. And for the blogger, this assists specializing in some key topics instead of attempting to write on anything and everything.

You can sort the similar posts using labels tag that’s available at the bottom of every post.

Let me know what you think...


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