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Animal Photos

This post has become redundant now, as Google bought and shut it down. The photo album embedded below is no longer active..

You can read these posts instead
Tigers at Thyavarekere Tiger Lion Safari 

Bannerghatta National park and 

Vandaloor Zoo Chennai 

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You can see below over 75 images of various animals.

All images were taken using Olympus FE 170 during December 2006. Except those photos in which I was an object, all snaps were taken by me.

If you love animals, you'll love these photos too...

These animals can be found at
1. Tyavare kare Wildlife sanctuary, Shimoga, Karnataka
2. Prani Loka, near Sri Gurunarasimha Temple, Saligrama, Udupi Dist Karnataka (Update: This Prani Loka doesn't exist anymore. Forest officials have seized these animals and deported them to zoos stating that individuals shouldn't keep these animals as private property.

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