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About Fortune Tellers and Astrology

Few small incidents, observations and comments related to Astrology and fortune tellers... Not that I am making fun of these professions, just not comfortable the way our thought process is influenced by these elements

Case 1: Approx an year ago-Necklace Road, Hyderabad

A parrot reader approaches me offering to tell my fortune for just Rs 10. I do not believe in non scientific predictions so offered him a challenge: I pulled out my wallet and asked him to tell me how much cash is there inside. (Something which can be instantly verified to the satisfaction of both parties). He simply asked वो कैसे बोल् सक्ता हु साब | (“who kaise bol sakta hun saab”). I replied “you can not count something right in front of your eye (of course enclosed inside a wallet), what future are you going to predict?” He silently left.

The zodiac signs columns in newspapers, astrologers, parrot card readers- always make generic statements left best to the discretion of the believer.  For example, one statement can be “today you’ll be very happy”.. Chances are that out of 100s of incidents that happen that day few incidents might give you happiness. If you believe in the predictions you can always associate that with whatever it was written and feel good that predictions came true.

Case 2: Year 1997, Pandhana, Madhya Pradesh.

I was studying in 9th standard there and had a postal subscription of kannada weekly magazine, Taranga. In one of the issues Taranga predicted that there’ll be a devastating flood (mahaa praLaya) during march 1998 and a majority of earth will be wiped out.  This topic became a sensation and magazine minted huge money. This article was quoated by media all over India including few Indore based newspapers. My classmates in MP came to me seeking explanation. I had tough time explaining them I do not know on what basis the magazine has predicted.

The flood never came and I don’t think there was any explanation from Taranga as to why they created an unnecessary tension all over without scientific evidence.

Case 3: 2007:

Karnataka BJP Leader Yadiyurappa changes name hoping to become Chief Minister, because an astrologer told him, he would become CM only if name is changed. Had that astrologer also told that Yadyurappa will become ex-CM within a week probably it would have been good.

Problem is, everyone want to know what will happen in future and want to use that info for their personal gains and few have mastered the art of predicting the future to the satisfaction of those who believe in it.

What is your take on these issues? Do you rely on things like these for taking key decisions? Probably once upon a time all these predicts had some backings of scientific studies done by our forefathers but of late everything is about making some quick money


  1. Hmm.. Pralaya by Taranga.. that is classic example. Do you remember how there was a made craze to buy that issue? Fall out after that made good stuff for the other newspapers

  2. I have heard a theory that the astrology taught by the ancient seers is far different from the current astrology because the entire basis of the calculations used by our forefathers is completely different and is lost in the mists of time.

    It is an extremely intricate science and there are only very few astrologers left in the modern day who have learnt the science as it should be learnt.

    I believe that for an astrologer to master his knowledge, it is essential for him to be pure of mind and not be driven by material benefits.

  3. Ravish: Yes I remember... many people took it really serious and thought of migrating to higher altitude...

    Hari: I agree with you...

  4. Hi, How relavent is MIND READING in astrology? Is this not astrolegers/ fortune tellers do most of the time? How scientific is this art? How do untrained and even roadside gypsies master this?
    Is it all pure guess work with some real good mind reading? Just a few thoughts - raghu

  5. @Raghu,

    I do not know much about Mind Reading.

    By and large it is probably a guess work, fine tuned with supportive evidence like body language, facial expession, any known background info etc. Most of the time they give generic statements- "You're thinking of someone special" etc...

    Not sure how scientific it is.

  6. Agree with your thoughts on Astrology. Like every where in this astrological field also we will see spam. To get the good out of it is important. Coming to my experiences I met many notable astrologers who reached heights in astrology say in Vedic astrology, tantra and Mantras also. There are people who acclaim as Gold medalist where they cant even tell what is navamsa. But I always inspired by the art of predicting future with knowledge of horoscope, birth details. In this process I met astrologers in India who are knowledgeable and worth enough to be respectable. With all experiences in my life I started sharing with world in site spiritualsadhana.com. May be foreigners wont agree with our astrology, but they may understand the spirit behind astrology is Mind reading and Thought reading to foresee future. According to Yoga, body consist of three forms mortal body and micro body, spiritual bod. Micro and spiritual body are spiritually advanced and they have the power to foresee the future which reflect on mortal body soon. So an astrologer/psychic connects with the spiritual form of the body and grasp the incidents that are soon going to happen in near future. In this way an astrologer can be successfully tell future with mind reading. I have met such great astrologers in life and as long as remember sai upasak guruji, Ramakrishna sastry to name few.Astrology is science and only a perfect master can interprets its secrets. Not every one.


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