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Trouser Manufacturers get Clever (eNidhi India Research Article !)

In this post I'll show some simple tricks adopted by trouser manufacturers which make alterations impossible so as to ensure higher sales.

Before buying anything we look for durability. We try to assess how long we can use it. (Be it a footwear, mixer grinder or a trouser, we don’t usually throw it away on the first instance it stops working/develops a problem- we try to get it repaired and use for some more time.)

Talking in specific about trousers, (informally known as Pants) Indian men usually use dress materials for years. If it doesn’t fit anymore, we try to take it to the tailor and try to make some alteration so that it can be used for some more time. For that to happen there has to be some provision in trousers which will facilitate the alteration (read: increasing waist size, length etc).

But obviously it is not in the interest of apparel manufacturers that we use their product for several years. They want us to throw the old one as early as possible and buy new one. How do they ensure that? Simple-ensure that the trouser can’t be altered

See the images below:

The brown coloured one is a tailor designed one. Observe the circled space-you see some extra cloth material. This extra cloth has a purpose-Suppose you want to increase the waist size of your trouser tomorrow, your tailor can remove the stitches and re-stitch the trouser for a higher perimeter (by pushing the extra cloth outward)

Now see the white trouser below, which is a branded one (RUGGER).

If you notice here, there’s no extra piece of cloth. There’s no way you can increase the waist size when your belly outperforms rest of your body in growth…:)

Also observe the front button:

The extended portion gives a provision that the hook/button underneath can be repositioned such that perimeter increases increasing the waist size.

But most of the branded trousers won’t give that provision at all, again prohibiting any alteration of increasing waist size.

Another factor is length of the trousers, which should be flexible enough, but the tailor at the shop often chops off the extra cloth instead of folding it inwards…

I checked several brands for above parameters- Most of them were not flexible enough to facilitate alterations. But few brands such as Louis Phillipe, Van Hussein and few variants of Arrow were an exception.

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  1. There are a lot of differences between ready-made and tailored clothes.

    I think the advantages of ready-made is that they last longer. I've had a lot of experience with both ready-made and tailored trousers and inevitably the ready-made ones last longer.

    Of course, as you mentioned, it's no good when you've outgrown them. But once you're an adult and stop growing (either horizontally or vertically) it's a good choice.

  2. Durability factor I guess depends mainly on cloth material used. If you can buy good quality material and give it to tailor you should get a durable dress.

    Yes readymade dresses will have machine stiched and thermally fused buttons which may last longer than hand stiched ones.

  3. Another thing I've noticed with ready-made clothes, particularly the branded ones is

    1. Finish is good.
    2. If it fits you well, it is extremely comfortable.

    Tailored clothes are a bit of hit and miss. I suppose if you find a very good tailor who knows all your requirements then he would do a great job.

  4. You can not alter ready made pants in waist it has always been the case since I have got hold of my first ready made trouser 9-10 years back.

    It is not just what you have marked in circle but there is difference in the belt part also, ready made trouser has one piece belt while tailor made trouser has two piece belt, so even if you had extra cloth as marked in circle you can not alter west size because of one piece belt.

  5. Some commendable eye for detail you have man!

  6. @ Hari

    Agreed that Finish is good.

    But I dont believe tailored cloths are hit and miss... If the tailor is good enough he should be able to stick a perfect fitting cloth-that's the basic reason why we go to him instead of buying ready made...

  7. @ Bhupesh: Yes, extra material is needed in belt part too..

    @Rajesh: Thanks a lot

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