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Launching Mobile Version of My Blog

July 2020 Update: This doesn't work anymore. But my blog is now mobile friendly by default, hence this is no longer relevant.


I am glad to inform you that Mobile version of my blog is now been made ready.

From your GPRS enabled mobile you can click and you’ll see the title of around 10 latest posts. You can click on the title and see a brief summary. If you like it you can click on the link and see full version.

Mobile version of Shrinidhi hande's blog

Why a separate mobile version?

Mobile users access web pages on a small screen and are usually interested in main contents only. They do not wish to see side bars, header images and other not so critical parts of your website. They wish to see maximum information possible on their small screen and proceed with specific content only if they like it. Also since GPRS costs heavily they wish to avoid heavy elements like images, videos etc. So a simple version which gets them a list of latest posts and its summary will be extremely useful for them.

How to make a mobile version of your blog?

There're many websites which help you get a mobile version.
I have used to create mobile version for any feed URL (like which is the actual URL of my mobile blog) and then created a sub domain in your custom domain, if you own one. (, m. is the popular convention for mobile version of websites worldwide, and use URL redirection to

If you don’t have a custom domain will be URL of your mobile site.

So now you can access my blog on the go. Hope you'll make full use of this new feature.

If you face any concerns let me know.


  1. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

  2. It is certainly an interesting application for mobiles. But my mobile is a very basic Nokia phone, so I don't think it would access websites like that anyway.

  3. @ Anonymous: Your comment was deleted as it was written with sole intent of promoting your brand and not relevant to the post in any way.


    Well, you're welcome to visit my m blog once you upgrade your phone.



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