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Running for Traffic Awareness

A leading Indian IT company held a run in Chennai Mareena Beach this Saturday (16th Feb 2008) to celebrate 20 years of value creation and to increase traffic awareness among public.

Below are some photos taken during the event with quick captions.
1. The sunrise at Mareena Beach. Approx 7.15 AM
The sunrise at Mareena Beach2. The number of participants was decent enough
Participants of marathon3. The Banner for Traffic Awareness
Banner for Traffic Awareness
4. However Pilots were found not wearing helmet, an essential safety equipment and mandatory as per law. However on last moment this mistake was rectified and both riders were given a helmet each.
rally Pilot bikes
5. Expressions: Observe each face carefully. You can notice different expressions-anticipation, excitement... (click on the image to enlarge it)
Facial Expressions of participants
Baloon Boy- He was running too, for a totally different cause-to collect as many baloons as possible...
Boy collecting baloons at Mareena Beach
Few more photos from the venue...
2. Looks like Chennai Police are maintaining their Hyundai gifted accent cars well. (Read for details: Chennai Police get Hyundai Cars)
Chennai Police hyundai Accent patrol car
Police Bike
Chennai Police Patrol Bike
Mirror Image
photo taken on Innova's mirror
Special Guest at the venue...
A family is having good time.
A family in their car

The band team was not necessary...No one were interested in their music...

Close look at their hats
hats of Music Band
Bharat Music Band
As the start was delayed due to late arrival of chief guest, they went for a break leaving their equipments behind.
Music band equipments

Disclaimer: This post only portrays some photos taken in public place and doesn't reveal any proprietary/sensitive/confidential information.

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  1. So ToI decided to lift your police car pix is it? Learnt about it in Mint today....

  2. @ Rabin

    Yes. Later they ran a clarification giving me credit and apologizing for the mistake.


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