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www.eNidhi.net-eNidhi India's new identity


inally it has happened. As most of you have noticed this blog has been moved to www.enidhi.net from the earlier http://enidhispeaks.blogspot.com

Since enidhi.com was not available next best options were enidhi.in and enidhi.net. '.in' extensions were not available with Google backed eNom and I made a mistake of trusting a wrong person for advice and bought it at Sify, only to end up with ownership issues with the same. I would regret that for long. Also Sify doesn’t give a basic feature like adding CNAME alias unless you buy their hosting service (which you don’t need if you choose to host it on blogger itself. More about this in some other post.

The new URL is shorter, sweeter and will be easy to remember and type. This all new identity will help eNidhi India stay distinguished from the crowd of free blogspot subdomains.

My readers working in companies where all .blogspot.com urls are banned should be able to read my blog without any hassle now (of course unless their companies choose to add enidhi.net to banned websites list, like as happened with Shande) For near future I do not have any plans of moving to a own host and this blog shall continue to be hosted on blogger-Blogger being free and with very good uptime, reliability and easy interface I don’t have any serious thoughts of moving away.

Along with domain name I got an option to create upto 200 user ids with custom email address (say xyz@enidhi.net ), add n number of sub domains etc, which is quite cool. Anyone who wish to move their blog/site to http://yourblog.enidhi.net can contact me

Reading few other blogs I was thinking traffic may drop for few months after migration. But Google has handled the transition really smooth and there’s been no dip in daily traffic during and after transition. Almost everything was taken care by Google and blogger, I only had to pay and watch the transition. Wherever I had given manual links I had to edit them on my own and had to submit the new URL to Google for inclusion in search engine. Besides these, everything else was automatic, including redirection, feeds etc. Technorati rank has dipped but that is fine-It hardly generated any traffic for this blog so far.

However there’s been some dip in the position of this blog in search engines. For example for Club Mahindra this blog was in number two earlier but now the position has dipped to number 5 and it may go down even further. Since the new domain name has a pagerank of absolute Zero it will take substantial time to recover to PR4, the rank outgoing enidhispeaks.blogspot.com had. While most of you have edited your blog rolls and linked to new URL it might not be possible to ask few admins and site owners to edit their age old posts to give correct link. Other bloggers and site admins will have their own SEO strategies to gain higher position and fight will be really tough, if not impossible. (Related: SEO Fundamentals)

So I may have to forgo certain considerations and may never be able to recover some key positions I enjoyed in search engines. But that should be fine. The change (migration to custom domain) was inevitable and had to be executed sooner or later.

If you’ve linked to my earlier URL please take this as a personal request to edit the same and link to my new URL. Thanks in advance.

Thanks to the immense support given by all of you- My dear readers and visitors, because of which I was motivated to spend money on this domain and work towards giving better content and user experience to you. Assuring you of my sustained commitment towards quality blogging.

Other Quick updates:
1. If you haven’t noticed, this is 200th post on this blog. (Infact I have written more than 200 posts so far but decided to delete some of them due to wide range of reasons, 200 out of published but not yet deleted posts)

2. We’ve also started a Forum called MoneyTalk India Finance Forum (MTIFF).The idea is to facilitate discussions related to wide range of personal financial matters. I couldn’t come across any such good community for Indians hence decided to launch one. Will write about it in detail later.

You’re welcome to register there. http://moneytalk.enidhi.net As of now we have got around 21 users within first few days, which is quite a good sign.

3. I spent some time and revised many of my old posts. realized that I'd made several silly spelling mistakes at many places (comparision instead of comparison, offence instead of offense etc) Corrected most of them, except few errors which were induced exclusively for SEO reasons. Also happily added nofollow tag for most of the commercial websites I had linked to.

4. Also tell me if you're comfortable with the new background colour I've kept. If you feel uncomfortable I can revert to earlier white.

5. I'd deleted the chatbox sometimes back. have re introduced it


  1. Thought earlier black on white backgroud was better.

  2. Since white background was prevailing for long time I thought of introducing a change...

    Will keep this colour for few days and then revert to white if most of you prefer...

    Thanks for your opinion.

  3. I think the new bckgrnd color looks fine!
    Multiple font colors as in the recent post maynot be comfortable for all.

  4. Ok.

    Thanks for your feedback.

    Mulitple colours used in summary of posts is an once a three month experiment...

  5. Congrats on 200 posts and new domain...

    I dont have any preferenace on bgcolor. both r fine...

  6. Hello Nidhi,

    Congrats on 200 posts and new domain.. I went thru ur article on SEO part 1 & 2 n both of them were very informative and interesting.. I came across your blog on google n since then with the content u post, u have converted me to a regular visitor... Background color is not an issue as long as the content that you post is as interesting and nice as the ones that you have been posting - Abhi

  7. Thanks Abhi..

    I am glad I was of some help.

    Looking for greater readership and comments from you..


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