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Box temple expands itself to encroach public land

There was a small projection to a compound wall in front of one of the houses wherein a Ganesha Idol was kept and few local people worshipping it. Quite a harmless thing.

But I happened to notice recently that a small makeshift fence has been set up around this box temple, occupying public land.

No wonder, if this box temple will expand itself to occupy 50% of the road in next 6-12 months. Building places of religious worship is an easy way to make money and occupy precious real estate. Due to sensitive nature of the issue politicians and administration often hesitate to take stern action.
Just keeping on record current scenario here, we’ll revisit this post after an year or so to see if the temple has occupied more space by expanding itself. Probably a bigger temple will be built around it with stories cooked up to highlight the historical significance of this place or how powerful this particular god is.


  1. Ha ha ha !!!!!!!!! Good observation...Can't do anything about it...Here people believe things very quickly...and that too when it comes to "GOD"..

    Hoping that this temple will not encroach the entire road...:-) :-)

  2. Thanks Vishwas...

    Yes no one wants to oppose anything presented in the name of god

  3. Good post..It's a fact..

    Education, healthcare and Religion..are the business opportunities ..where your probability for failure of the business is very less.

    I tell to my friends..if I become unsuccessful in my career, I would built a small temple in a 'three corner'...that would serve me for generations..

  4. Dear Saravanan,

    Thanks for the support.

    I agree with your views...

  5. I feel u r doing great. I got club mahindra membership.pls i request to remove my ad.
    Thank u.


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