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An idea being implemented-Need your help

Around 6 months ago, I had written a post that public toilets in Indian cities can be made free, so that public won’t be required to pay Rs 1 every time and we can have a cleaner city (As these people will be discouraged from using public place as loo and make use of well maintained and free public toilets). I’d suggested in the post that operating expenses can be recovered from placing advertisements. (Please Read that post here) It was a good idea indeed and if implemented will contribute to overall beauty and hygiene of the city. Many of you have commented to commend the idea and that it should indeed be implemented. Thanks to all of you for that.

  Now I am glad to inform you, that an attempt is being made to implement this idea and if all goes well as expected, this idea may soon turn into reality. A Delhi based group of enthusiastic youngsters, operating under the banner Dream India Project (not yet but soon to be registered NGO), has decided to give this idea a try and they have made some progress already into this. The overall idea is to adopt a municipal toilet, invest on it to better the amenities, solicit advertisers to pay money to put their advertisements on the inside and outside walls of the public toilet, run it successfully, recover the investment and handover back to municipality. Business proposals, risk analysis and action plans have been outlined, a California based NGO is likely to join hands with DIP and talks are on with concerned government agencies to finalize the action plan. 

 Once the idea works in Delhi we can think of similar plans for other cities. I request you to pay a visit to this orkut community where most of the discussions can be found. Through this post, I solicit any possible help from you in this regard, so that the project execution will proceed smooth.

If you like the idea and wish to help us out you can do one or more of the following: 1 If you know any businessman in Delhi who can consider advertising in this medium and encourage the initiative, please tell them about this and please inform us. 2 If you know any official in government agencies like NDMC who can appreciate this idea and help is in government clearances, please tell them about this and please let us know. 3 If you know any journalist in Delhi who can propagate this idea in the media please share this post and related information with him/her. 4 If you have any idea/suggestion/tip towards execution of this idea or can help us in some specific way please let us know. 5 If you wish to join Dream India team, you’re welcome. 

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