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An Old Lady - தாய் மண்ணே வணக்கம்

Spotted this old lady last week while heading towards nearest Andhra Mess for lunch.
Apparently, she was carrying a plant in a vase and due to some reason unknown to me, the vase fell down and crashed into pieces. (Probably it slipped off her hands or some motorist hit her gently forcing the vase off her hands). I found her collecting the nutrient soil (which was inside the pot) in a plastic bag.

An old ladyDon’t have much to write but felt bad seeing her condition. Hot sun of Chennai and no one around to help her, I felt very sorry for her. Wanted to help her but nothing did strike my mind that moment as to how I could have helped her (probably I would have brought her a new pot or dropped her off at her home in an auto?) My Tamil is not yet efficient enough to be able to converse with her to explain her that I want to help her out. I had to walk away watching her moving ahead with her things.
Though I didn’t notice initially Anu Menon pointed out that she has got only 4 fingers in her leg। (click on the photo to enlarge)
Nothing more to say। Just felt like writing this.
broken potLeft: mangled remains of the pot in which she was carrying the plant sibling
(தாய் மண்ணே வணக்கம் - -मा तुज्ञे सलाम् -
- ತಾಯೇ ನಿನಗೆ ವ೦ದನೆ -Tamil, Hindi and kannada for : Mother I salute you.)
There is a kannada saying - ಕು೦ಬಾರನಿಗೆ ವರುಷ, ದೊಣ್ಣೆಗೆ ನಿಮಿಷ(it takes lots of time and effort for pot maker to make a pot, but only a second for someone to destroy it)

Tamil script help- Hari

What do you feel seeing the photo? drop a comment.


  1. Hehe!

    It happens. couldn't help it though you could have helped her if you wanted. there is no point in regretting that.

  2. namaste,
    " odeda madike
    odeda badaku

    -aadaru badukina bandi saagalebeku".

    ee ajjiya thara eestoo jana namma naduve jeevisutthiddare;namma kailaadastu maanavatheya preethi thoroona matthu sahaaya maadona.

    'nooru kastagala mullugala naduve
    preeti aralalebeeku'

    danyavadagalu inthi nimma

  3. Something similar happened with me... I was driving the car frm my place in hyd to my frds placfe nearby. As i reached close to her place i saw this old lady(she was bent at her hip at 90 degrees) and she walking to some place. I jus passed her by and then stopped the car and asked her to climb in and dropped her where she wanted to be dropped... I still remember her face...

  4. That was so kind and thoughtful of you, Anu


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