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I got eNidhi.com

Few months ago, when I wanted to move this blog to my own domain, my preferred choice was enidhi.com, but it was not available that time and I had to settle for enidhi.net [details here]

On march 15th I got an email which read “Recently we have acquired enidhi.com, since you own the .net version of this domain we would like to know if you are interested in buying it” The link they gave said I will have to pay US $ 450 to buy enidhi.com from them. That was not practical for me (INR 18000 for a domain name) and said I can’t afford and not interested.

Today I was casually running a whois lookup of enidhi.com and learnt that it was available. I grabbed it without a second thought. It did cost me USD 10, just 2.2% of what I was asked to pay earlier.

Now I have to think what to do with that domain. Having spent significant efforts promoting enidhi.net now it may not be a good idea to move this blog to enidhi.com, again confusing everyone, trying to make people edit the links they gave to enidhi.net to enidhi.com etc.

I’ve temporarily linked it to by other blog, which is dead and inactive. Most probably I will try to set up some website and run it on enidhi.com.

Your thoughts please.

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  1. Its actually useless now to get enidhi.com bcz all your seo stuff is done for .net but maybe u can use enidhi.com to redirect it to enidhi.net

  2. Yes Sagar,

    I am aware of that. URL Redirection can be a temporary usage... Does't make sense to leave it like that for whole year...

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  4. Congrats on ur new buy.
    Your blog is very well maintained.
    I like it when people write such intersting articles about our coastal Karnataka.
    I think this is what should come in newspaper columns(editorials) rather than discussions about cricketers pay, actors' privacy etc..

  5. Thanks Manoj. I take that as a complement

  6. Hi,
    I am retired engineer and I find your blogs on different subjects and cautioning 'Aam Adhmi' in investing like Club Mahindra, Amway etc. Your study of icici card is interesting.
    I am presently in Houston on a visit to my son here and will be back in Bangalore by Aug.
    I am sure your domain will be full and informative in either or both dotnet & dotcom or both.

    Wishing you the best and hunting for more bloggers like you,

  7. Hi RVR,

    Thanks for your wishes and support.

  8. Hi Srinidhi, Congratulations on getting the .com domain. However, if you ask me what to do with the new one.. it is simply redundant. I am saying this from my experience.

    As you are aware, I recently moved from mohanbn.com to codecritic.in. Lost a huge traffic on a daily basis, It takes a whole lot of time again to get back that traffic. It is need a painful task if you decide to change. Think twice before moving any further...

    I don't want you to repeat the same mistake as that of mine!

  9. @Mohan,
    Yes. I know the loss of traffic that happens if URL changes.

    But Google ensured a very smooth transition last time when I moved from enidhispeaks.blogspot.com to enidhi.net

    However now I do not plan to move this blog to enidhi.com... Will use enidhi.com to give rebirth to my other blog.



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