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Lazy 2 read?-Just listen-Let me read out my posts 4 u

If you’re lazy to read my posts, I can read out my posts for you. The new widget you see below (or on top right sidebar) will readout the contents of the post, so that you can turn on the speakers, listen to my posts while doing some other activity-say working out or ironing or cooking or just lying on the bed. If you're unable to see anything below, flash player (or the lack of it) might be the culprit

 Basically it is a text to speech conversion utility. The accent is decent enough and the utility works just fine, with over 95% accuracy. It skips Indian language texts and struggles a bit while pronouncing Indian names. (It calls me Shrinidhi 'Hand' not 'Hande') Also you won't know if there's an image/hyperlink. Otherwise it is just too good. Saw this in Nikhil's blog and instantly realized that this was what I was hunting for all these days. This utility is from (Founded by Manoj B) You can create one for your blog or just login with Google credential and it can readout any feed in your Google reader. It doesn't allow saving the speech as mp3. If that was provided one could copy the file into ipod or other mp3 players and listen at their convenience. Right now you'll need an iTunes account for that. So now on, no more complaining "too busy to visit your blog". Don't strain your eyes anymore. Let your ears takeover. Give your feedback: Is this useful to you? Or too busy to listen as well? 


  1. Its good to know of this new technology. I don't have speakers here, so I could not try. Anyway, thanks for sharing this information.

  2. Nice hack by the inventor. A great relief for multi-tasking people like me :-P

    I will try out on my blog too some time soon. Thanks for sharing.

  3. Thats a cool feature...! Thanks for it... :)

  4. @Deepa,

    you're welcome. Try when possible and let me know how you find it.

    @ Mohan,
    You're welcome.

    @Joel, you too...

  5. Hey ..You inspired me to try this service ..but unfortunately it is not working.

    Little bit of googling got me to ..its excellent, I got the setup done in minutes and my readers can listen to my blogs on the move!

    I found the voice quality and accent quite good, considering that it is a FREE service.


  6. Sandeep,

    Thanks for bringing it to my notice. Will check what can be done and explore the new option you've given...


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