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Launching a photo blog

I’ve decided to launch a photo blog and would be looking for your support and encouragement as usual. The URL is: The site is already up and running, with few posts containing some pretty good (so I think) photos. Have a look, I assure you, you won’t be disappointed. Already available posts are: “Cute Squirrels of Agra Fort”, Assembled vehicles of North India, Photos of Agra Fort, photos of our pet cat and photos of Kondapur weekly bazaar. (the last 2 have been moved from this blog) As I’m sitting on hundreds of photos, I aim to spend 10-15 minutes and publish new photos everyday (if not possible, new photos every alternate day, if the response from readers is good) Even before the formal launch of my blog, few readers have written their comments already at this new blog. Probably they saw it through my blogger profile. Thanks to them. Please consider linking to this blog. I’ll be happy to reciprocate. The logic and motive behind a new blog:
  • I’ve been clicking too many photos of late-hundreds of them. Though as much as 50% of those clicks are eventually discarded, few are really good and will be worth sharing. Felt a dedicated blog would be of more value.
  • In near past I did dedicate some posts to photos in this blog. Most of the other cases I published slideshows. But the response was not encouraging-maybe it’s not a good idea to have a jack of all blog. Let me move photos elsewhere…
  • I don’t want to flood this main blog with photos. As I try to restrict the number of posts to max 15 per month, stuffing too much photos may seem odd and may dilute the quality of the blog.
  • I don’t want to lose traffic to flikr and other photo hosting sites. Also would like a better control over my photos. Blog seems best.
  • Maintaining a photo blog is relatively easy. Publishing a new post takes only few seconds to a minute of two, if internet connection is good. No time spent on typing long posts. Someone rightly said, a picture is worth thousand words.
  • Those readers who don’t have time/interest in reading my regular blog posts can subscribe to this photo blog and visit once in a while to have a look at some new and refreshing photos.
My other initiatives-Moneytalk India finance forum and Ad Critics blog aren’t going great, but not that bad either.

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