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Transaction Integrity & Money transfer scenes in movies

If you’re in the field of IT you must be familiar with the term Transaction Integrity, which is basically ensuring that an online activity is either 100% successful or completely declined. If that sounds confusing, here’s a simple example-you might have tried online money transfer-Supposed you are transferring Rs 10000 to a friend-have you ever faced a situation that only 5000 is transferred and rest 5000 is not? That can’t be. Its either entire 10000 is moved successfully or the transaction is declined and all 10k remains in your account. (Well, there’ll be cases where money is debited from one account but not credited to another account-such money gets moved to suspense account and will be returned to rightful owner after manual intervention)

Having said that, our banking systems are capable of transferring millions of rupees in fraction of a second. Whether it is Rs 100 or Rs 100 Crores, transaction happens at once, in one go, within a second.

So what?

In almost all movies which involve money transfers, what they show is something strangely different. They show a flash animation which shows a countdown of Money. Suppose the bad guy is looting $ 1 billion from a bank account, the animation starts with $ 1000,000,000 and counts downward all the way to $ 0 after few minutes(may be within which the hero is supposed to do something to stop this robbery) , followed by a big blinking text that transfer complete.

That looks funny to me.

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  1. Well that's how common man understands. More over it gels with the scene and with the script well, even if it is not true!

  2. The concept is called an atomic transaction in CS parlance: meaning it either happens or it doesn't. But I agree with Saithilak: thats the only plausible exlanation.

    You'll also see in some movies that the transaction is suddenly stopped midway because the hero pulls out a cord or blows up something somewhere: like a software installation hung for a minute. I'd say that is the funniest one -- most computer scientists will be turning in their graves if that were to actually happen some time! :)

  3. @Sudipta...

    Yes... next time your credit card is getting charged but no booking confirmation appears...let us pull the cord to save money being transferred....


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