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Bad experience @ Hotel HoneyMoon Inn Mussoorie

We stayed for 2 days in this Hotel HoneyMoon Inn, Mussoorie through a corporate booking and overall experience was not good. Just sharing what all I observed/experienced. Please note that the term "Honeymoon" is just noun and not verb. If you thought going through your company will get you better service here, time to reconsider.

The people manning the reception counter of this hotel are cheaters who tie up with other service providers such as car rental agencies and cheat unsuspecting guests. In particular one Mr. Sanjay is the person no one should never trust. He and his assistant attempted to cheat us to the tune of Rs. 15000 when we asked them to book a cab to take us to Hrishikesh, Haridwar and finally drop us at Delhi. We survived the cheating attempt but suffered lots of inconvenience because of him and a travel agency called Himalaya Travels in Dehradoon. More about their cheating later in a separate blog post. In your own interest you’re recommended not to deal with this hotel, its staff and that Himalaya Travels
Hotel Honeymoon Inn, Mussoori-we had a bad experience
Few experiences/observations in this hotel a prospective guest should keep in mind:

We reached the hotel by 11 AM and it took nearly 2 hours for them to clean the rooms and handover to us.

Laundry collection only at 8 AM and delivery same night subject to good weather. Their check-in and checkout timing in 12 noon to 12 noon, so if you’re staying just for one day there’s no way you can get your cloths laundered.

Because tourist season here is just 3 months (May to July) most of the hotels won’t hire full time staff and most of the work is outsourced. Even the in house staff go home to sleep. So if you need something during late night, no one will be around to help, except may be one watchman who will be sleeping near the reception. I guess these things are common to all hotels here in Mussoorie. (haven’t stayed in other hotels to compare)

The restaurant is very small and usually no one will be there-we had to go into kitchen and pull the guys out to remind them of our order. Food is not good. There was an item called ‘plain raita’ on the menu-when we ordered that what we got was plain curd. When questioned, the servant says “isi ko hum plain raita bolte hain”. To fir menu main ‘curd’ chapne ka thana…

The hot water is not available when we wanted to take bath. They don’t have a dedicated heaters in room. The central geyser will be switched on during a specific time only. Rest of the day-no way. It will be a great feeling to pour hot water on the body in that cold weather-if one person uses little more than normal quantity, next person won’t have hot water. Even after prior request to ensure hot water supply by 6 AM, water wasn’t even warm when we wanted to take a bath and checkout.

Hotel is nearly 2 kms from Gandhi Chowk, the last point till which commercial vehicles are allowed. So if you’re travelling by a yellow board vehicle you’ll have to travel last 2 kms by walk/cycle rikshaw/horse to reach this hotel (extra expenditure)

View of the valley from the hotel is pretty good. Room is spacious, but not sound proof. You hear almost everything that goes on in adjacent rooms-from TV sound to sound of someone flushing the toilets. Irritating, to say the least.

For the whole room there was only 2 sockets. One was used for TV and other was not working. In order to charge our mobile/camera etc we had to pull out the TV cable and insert chargers. These days every individual carries min 2-3 gadgets (ipods, mobiles, cameras, laptops etc) Hotels should provide multiple charging points. (This is applicable to almost all hotels)

The hotel website doesn’t have a provision to give feedback/complaint. So we’ll be routing our complaint about their staff Sanjay through the corporate contact of my uncle.

Haven’t stayed in any other hotel in Mussoorie to compare this hotel with. But my experience with them was not good, considering that we stayed there through corporate booking. I do not recommend this hotel. Apparently Honeymoon Inn is a chain of hotels-wish they could give a better service.


  1. Shrinidhi, our motto is avoid touristy places like plague. Go a little beyond and you will get an entirely different experience. Best is try trekking once!

  2. Thanks for sharing your experience...we'll be more careful and avoid dealing with them

  3. @Mridula

    Yes, but I didn't go there with a team with which I can go trekking....

    May be next time...



  4. Wow! I love travel.
    But experiences like these are a real pain.

  5. well, the worst experience I'm yet to share with you people... standby...

  6. Thanks Nidhi

    I was just thinking to book it

  7. Hi,

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  8. Thanks Joseph. Will consider submitting my new posts.

  9. That was really a sad experience. It's a good thing that I wasn't experience such an experience as yours. I think it better for you to check online and call the hotel before you check in to avoid inconvenience on your part.

  10. i cant believe a hotel or the staff of a hotel does cheat. things like this should be reported to the management of the hotel coz maybe they dont know.


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