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July 2008- Summary & updates

A total of 12 posts this month, excluding this one-few were popular while others were not. Going by the number of comments received, the idea (patent pending) of selling cashew nuts on board Indigo flight seems to be a hit, followed by the new investment strategy of investing in companies that send thick and heavy annual reports.

Kingfisher Experience and Redbus.in review were the other posts which got satisfactory number of comments.

Also ran were “Bad experience at Hotel HoneyMoon Inn, Mussoorie”,  Missing feature in Social networking sites”, "transaction integrity and money transfer in movies" and Kerala/Vizag trip plans (which stands suspended as of now due to multiple reasons)

Launched a photo blog this month and also introduced a widget that reads out the post contents for you. Recent posts at the photo blog includes some nice photos of Impala (a deer like animal), of Jai Gurudev Mandir, Mathura and more.

Post on Startup Saturday @ IIMB didn’t invoke any comments while some miscellaneous updates published at the beginning of the month managed to get few.

Also, Mridula, India’s top travel blogger has opted to contribute at the ad critics blog. This month she’s reviewed HDFC insurance, Naukri and Airtel 'barriers break when we talk' ads. Thanking her for her interest and welcoming her on board.

Other updates: 

Pratham books launched an initiative to convey best wishes t0 16 years old Virdhawal Khade, the swimming champ who will be representing India at the Olympics. They plan to send him a 164 feet long card carrying messages from all of us. I think due date for this over.

My heart goes out to the victims of terror. Almost everyone have been blogging about it and I don’t have anything unique to add, hence keeping quiet for now on that. In particular, I wish to greet all those members of bomb disposal squad, who have done a great job of disposing live bombs. Knowing that it is a live bomb out there, knowing that it may explode any moment, knowing that one wrong move would make all the difference between life and death, how many of us dare to go near it? Again, sincere thanks to every member of the squad.

This blog is about to cross the count of 1 lakh visitors. Just a few more hundreds to go and it'll be a matter of few days. Don't want to write another post on it hence just mentioning in advance.

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