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AWPT Petcare centre in Chennai

AWPT article in ErgoThe month of Feb 2009 began and ended with couple of my small write-ups making into print. Myself and a colleague visited a pet care centre in Chennai, called Animal Welfare and Protection Trust (AWPT). Since I don’t have pets at my place of stay it was more convenient to visit someone else’s pets and spend time with them. A brief write-up about our visit, which I later sent to Ergo, can be read in the adjacent article. Couple of lines I can add to above write-up: Running a pet care centre has its own pros and cons- said Mr Narasimhamoorthy-“neighbors don’t like us having so many cats and dogs around, though they’re very much benefited by the dogs which guard the locality during night time”. “Knowing that we run a pet care centre people bring pups and kittens and leave them in our premises without our knowledge”. – he continued. all white magnolian cat They were housing all the kittens and few dogs at their home while operating another shelter where several other dogs and other animals (monkeys, cows etc) were accommodated. After spending an hour or so at their home, we went to the other shelter. Lots of dogs greeted us, including a baby monkey. The only thing I didn’t like was the staff forcefully pulling (dragging) a handicapped dog to where I was and telling me “Sir sir… see…its leg is broken… take photographs”. May be they thought more sympathetic image they create more will be the donations. AWPT is funded partially from government grants and rest by donations and personal money of Mr Narasimhamoorthy and Mrs Padmavathi. They told me monthly expense would touch a lakh and per day expense on food for all these animals alone crosses Rs 1000. Medicine, transportation, rentals, staff salary, utilities are the other major expenses. cats lined up for lunch Contributions made to AWPT are exempted from Income Tax. In case you’re interested in visiting them or willing to contribute any small amount below are the contact details:
Animal Welfare And Protection Trust (Regd.), 788 (New No. 3/140), Kalaignar Karunanidhi Street, Santhoshapuram, (Velacheri-Tambaram Road),Chennai 601302
Ph: 044 22781381, (Website no longer active)
More photos here:
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  2. Hi Sandesh,
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  5. The cats look beautiful.

    I like the new look of your website as well. Good work.

  6. I have a couple of cats of my own - but still, I don't trust cats.

  7. Thanks Hari

    Thanks Binny. Your post made an interesting read...

  8. hei..

    I beleive u r a member of CTC... Nice to see that U had visited the shelter and meet the old couple.

    Me and John Immanual visited the shelter few days back!!!

    gr8.. keep going there and try to support them!

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  10. Pramod,
    Yes, I'm a ctc member. I've seen John's photos getting published in Ergo.

    Pet garden team,
    thanks. I'll look into it.


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