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Summary of Posts- Jan Feb March 09

Quick listing with a brief description of various posts published during the month of Jan to March 2009

Travel & living
My second visit to Skandagiri. This time it involved overnight camping, hot noodle soup, sunrise and descend via different trail.

Yercaud (near Salem, TN) travelogue
Not so great place but still made a satisfactory trip.

Ramanagara Rock Climbing
Published in Ergo, a post detailing history of Pattabhirama temple of Ramanagara and other details

Deep forest trekking
An experience of getting arrested by police, for venturing into reserve forest without proper authorization- CTC members who were part of this will not forget it. Details and some precautions in the post.

Self Drive car rentals
How much different cars will cost on a per day basis? Which one is cheaper? Self drive or chauffer drive?

Maravanthe Beach
Arabian sea on one side and River Souparnika on the other… this place has a unique landscape

Keladi Bidanur Fort
A partially damaged fort belonging to Keladi dynasty

Rally for the blind
A unique car rally wherein blind navigators guide the drivers towards destination using tulip charts

Safe Braking Distance
A forgotten factor. Be sure to maintain it- both in front as well as in the back.

Had it been a little more affordable I would have given it a consideration

Some scenarios wherein I missed to take a pic, only to regret later.

Product/Service Reviews
Mahindra Xylo
Spacious, techno savvy and good value for money. But low on safety and a hard to toggle transmission.

Fiat Linea
Good looks, spacious and well priced.

Compare Xylo with new Toyota Innova 2009
Both have their own pros and cons. Check out for details

Sony DSC H50 Digicam
Ultra Zoom that takes you so close to the moon so that you don’t need a telescope. This and more features and limitations of this camera, listed in detail.

Make note of some of the observations listed in this post, to be able to handle an emergency effectively.

Natural Drinks for this summer
Drink natural instead of artificial drinks. Watermelon, Buttermilk, Tender coconut, Fruit Juices, Toddy Palm… so many options to chose from

Sandhya Ravishankar’s workshop on Broadcast Journalism
Understand how a newsroom operates and what it takes to put together the news bulletin you see on your TV. Sandhya also shared her experiences and some tips for aspiring journalists. [Article 19, MIC Manipal, Another session on Future of print media]

Designer doors in South Canara homes
Craftswork on doors

About the new blog template
A little more about the all new template of this blog.

AWPT Pet care centre
Published in Ergo, Caring for animals..

Banigondu Elle ellide- Kannada film song
Lyrics and translation

Kids drinking- A never ending debate

We encountered his motorcade in Venkatagiri- the whole town was geared up to welcome him

Is it fair not to display the number plates at their designated positions?

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