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New Template for eNidhi India

As some of you have noticed and have already commented with your feedback, this blog now has a new theme. Changing from one of the blogger default templates was a long pending task and was finally accomplished successfully. For some time I was considering different templates, but most of them didn’t have anything unique to offer other than colour schemes. I finally decided on the Digg theme you are seeing now, which looked decent, professional and more importantly had provision for the drop down menu below the header. One of the major drawback of my blog, according to me, was that I wrote on wide range of topics and for a first time visitor landing here through a search engine it was difficult to comprehend what this blog is all about, in a single look. In my earlier template I had several posts categorized appropriately under various groups (product reviews, Humor, most commented etc), so that a visitor should be able to locate some posts of his interest and read them. But it was a failure, as people seldom cared to have a serious look at the sidebar contents. The new theme aims to overcome this drawback, by listing some key posts under the drop down menu below the header. A first timer can get an idea of what kind of contents he can find in this blog by just spending few seconds hovering over the menu and I hope he/she will probably find few posts of his/her interest and stay on the blog a little longer, reading those posts. Effectiveness of this is yet to be verified, but if this can increase average time a visitor spends on this blog or number of page views per visitor, then I’ll be happy. Also if you have any suggestions for the drop down menu (some important posts you feel missing/ another category or something like that), please let me know. Tested the new theme successfully in different browsers. Thanks to Kenny, Mohan, Raveesh, Partho, Supreetha and Sandesh for initial feedbacks. It is working fine in IE7, IE8, Firefox 3 and Safari. But in IE6 the drop down menu is not appearing and it doesn’t seem there’s anything I can do about that. Unfortunately IE6 is still widely used by majority of my readers (35% or one third). Upgrade people… Enjoyed tweaking RSS and HTML a bit after long time… Some more work (like adding appropriate side bar content etc) still pending.
The template is sourced from Further, I feel blogger has a long way to go before it can ever catchup with Wordpress in-terms of templates, customizations and utilities. Another new feature is reactions widget. You may not have time (or content) to write a comment. But you can always spare an additional second to click on that rating line and select how useful/interesting/good you find a particular post. 
The new URL took little more than an year to regain the earlier PR, from scratch. Thanks to each one of you who made this possible.


  1. Looks good. And don't bother supporting IE6 - that's the only way to get them to upgrade.

  2. Hey Binny.. welcome to my blog...

    Yes, there isn't much I can do about those using IE6...

  3. Hi i think u have messed up with browser share chart.
    As per me there is no two different browser Mozilla and Firefox. It is called as Mozilla Firefox. I think these two companies merged long before u start blogging.

    Overall good work by a business analyst. :-)

    IE6 issue can be solved.

  4. nice template... but looks like Subscriptions & Stats coulmn is messed up... I'm using google chrome...

  5. Sandesh,

    Richi, Lakshmi and Prashanth: Thanks...

    Prashanth.. yes that column was messed up one earlier also.. will clean up as I get time...

    Bill gates,
    That browser share stat was from sitemeter, who haven't updated themselves on the MOzilla firefox merger.. anyway that isn't making any significant difference...

    If possible tell how this can be fixed for IE6 as well...

    Thanks all.


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