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Aga Khan Palace, Pune, Maharashtra

Aga Khan Palace is a small but beautiful tourist attraction in the city of Pune. The place is also being used as Mahatma Gandhi memorial.

Mahatma Gandhi, Kasturbai, Sarojini Naidu and others were kept under House Arrest (internment) in Aga Khan Palace during british rule. Kasturbai died in one of the rooms here due to bad health. Her Samadhi is also present in the same campus.

The palace also exhibits wide range of artefacts that were used by Mahatma Gandhi, Sarojini Devi and other freedom fighters.

The palace was built by Imam Sultan Muhammad Shah Aga Khan 3rd in the year 1892. He became king in 1885 at a young age of 8 years(he was born in 1877). He is the same person who built Alighar University. His grand son Shah Karim Aga Khan became 4th Aga Khan (what happened to the person in between?) on 11th July 1957 and he gifted the Aga khan palace to Govt of India 1969.  (Info sourced from displays inside the building)

The campus was deserted on a Friday morning. Entry fee was Rs 5. The Aga Khan Palace was also featured in the movie-“Gandhi”. A must visit place when in Pune

How to go to Aga Khan Palace?

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