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Random Photos, Mumbai (photos now deleted)

Here’re some random photos clicked during the recent Mumbai visit…

Cerita bus: Until I saw this bus, I didn’t even know that we’ve a bus manufacturer named Cerita. Googled later to find out that Certia is a Chandigarh based company which makes buses and exclusively buses. Interestingly, they seem to name their models based on length of the bus (For example JC 12HD where 12 means 12 meters). However I had a look at the engine specs, they were not exciting. (Cerita buses host a Euro II 6 Cyliner Cummins Engine) and website had lots of spelling mistakes.

Long Foot Over Bridge… When I saw this under construction bridge in Bandra, I first thought this one is meant for some Metro or Mono rail.. Then I’m told this is for pedestrian crossing. Now that’s interesting, because as I’ve seen, public prefers to save time and risk their lives crossing the busy traffic road, than walk a few meters, climb all the way up across and down a foot over bridge. So will this elongated FOB be effectively used?

Bandra Worli sea link: Got to check out the much hyped Bandra-Worli sea link. Looked majestic and very deserted at 7.30AM. The construction rig at the centre is kind of spoiling the look in the pics though. Tolled heavily at 50 Rs, you’ll be made to pay for any savings in time and fuel you might have achieved, by not taking the default route that goes through the city. Speed is limited to 50 kmph, not less, not more, but seldom obeyed. No walk through is allowed, but we did spot a few walking.

The Mumbai bus stand design somehow look cramped. The seat is not wide enough and space between the the seat and barricade is just not enough. Lots of metal is used, which would superheat during day time. Bus stands in Chennai and Bengaluru are more spacious and comfortable.

Juhu Beach: Shops near the beach were wide open even after 9.30PM, weekday (shops in Marina beach Chennai start winding up by 9pm) and there’s no dearth of creativity.However, tender coconut seem to be overpriced, at Rs 20, 25 and 30…Most of the hotels in this area have staff from Karnataka (mainly Udupi side).

For a photo of Mumbai police amphibian vehicle spotted in Juhu beach, click here.

Went to Pune by State Govt’s Shivaneri Volvo service. As I was advised to travel by Neeta Volvo, I was looking for one at Dadar but nothing was around. Lot of taxi operators tried to woo me into travelling in their cars to Pune, for the same rate (Rs 250). Backseat of a car would be less comfortable than the bus and bus would give an elevation to click photos, hence took a ticket in the counter and got into a Shivaneri. Journey was nice, but while I was expecting to reach Pune faster, it took about 3 hours, including a small snag (rear wheel mud flap coming off).


Tunnels and scenic hills made the Mumbai-Pune expressway journey a little different from others. Now I know where to take a turn for Lonawala and Khandala…

Photos from my 2008 Mumbai visit * Delhi Photos * Aga Khan Palace, Pune *


  1. Quite a range of pictures! I have been there more than 10 years ago!

  2. Good one. The Bandra-Worli sea link is of no use unless the price comes down. People will prefer to use the regular route making the whole project a waste of time and money.

  3. This comment has been removed by the author.

  4. nice set of pics

    Foot over bridge will be useful during monsoons as it wud be impossible walk on groundlevel :)

  5. Mridula,
    I'm sure Mumbai has changed a lot over the decade. Do visit...


    That's a good point.

  6. APSRTC runs the cerita busses as Volvo class.They fool the customers by charging them volvo class fares.

    I was fooled once when i travelled from Blore to Ongole ,the bus comes nowhere near Volvo.Besides the bus was in very poor state.It has some junk switches ,i was trying to turn the overhead lights off -which in turn led to some blinking of lights before being warned by the driver that that might bust the A/C system -that was just one instance of the pathetic state of the bus

    On the return journey i got a volvo(guess that was a lottery) since even their volvo was in a very pathetic state.

  7. Thanks for sharing the experiences...I've traveled in APSRTC Volvo (Garuda) just once or twice. It was an avg experience

  8. some more info .. Cerita busses are not indigenous -- they have "made-in-china" from company called Kinglong (http://www.king-long.com/ )

    I think there may be a rationale behind cramped-up bus stops. BMC wants people use it only as shelter while waiting for a buses ..otherwise it can be easily used as night time shelter by BPL floating population of the city.

  9. Thanks for those updates Sandeep. I'm aware of King Long, but didn't know the relation with Certia...

    Good point abt bus shelters...


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