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Best of Jan-Feb-March 2010

For the benefit of not so regular readers, here’s a quick sum-up of interesting and popular posts published during January to March 2010.

Product/Service Reviews:

Ford Figo test drive and Review: Ford’s new small car, Figo is good and affordable. Essentially the same Fiesta without a boot, its a good car to buy, except some minor negatives. Read Complete Review of Ford Figo .I also have 2 posts containing photos from Toyota Q-Revolution show. For photos and brief write up on Toyota Etios, Prius, Landcruiser 200, Prado and other cars.

The 1 Crore Marg Tapovan Villas: Detailed reviews and photographs of Marg Tapovan, a premium residential project comprising of villas priced from 45 lakhs to Rs 1 crore. Read More about Marg tapovan luxury villas


Delhi Photos: On a holiday, I was lucky to find Delhi’s roads all empty See the Delhi visit photos

MMTS Photo Ride: We went for a ride in Chennai’s Local train and took some interesting snaps of the city. Check out Part 1 and Part 2 of Chennai Local train Photo ride

Date with Mercedes Benz: Took my Mom and Sister for a ride in Mercedes, but unfortunately they didn’t realize that it is a luxury vehicle…Read more about our Mercedes Benz car rental experience

Singapore Underwater world-Some beautiful Photos of Singapore Underwater world from Partho’s collection.You may also wish to see Alamparai Fort photos

Madhugiri Fort near Tumkur: A climb which we thought as simple one, became never ending and took several hours. Read detailed travelogue on Madhugiri Fort


Paypal India issue: RBI crackdown on Paypal’s operations created a huge uproar as it caused inconvenience to thousands of Indian freelancers who relied on paypal for fund transfers. The issue is sorted out now, but to know what all happened, check this post on Paypal India policy changes

Policy Change at local vegetable shop: They don’t want customers to select the vegetables and just take home what is packed and given.. Is that fair? Read full story here and join the debate.

Satyam- 1 year later: As against what many had expected, Satyam Computers survived the crisis and is fast recovering. Read a brief analysis of Satyam fiasco aftermath

After meeting RangDe founders during Cerebrate, I made an investment of Rs 10000 in Rangde, helping women in some remote places with their business ventures. Read more abt my social investment

Other posts:

Climbing Mount Everest: I did a podcast with Everest climber Sandhosh Kumar and also published another post giving key insights into climbing Mount Everest. Must read for adventure enthusiasts.

Adopting to Solar Energy: We got some solar lamps and fans installed in our home. It is expensive as of now, but green. This post provides an insight into the energy of the future- Solar Energy.

Karunakaran Sir MMS: Our Engg College lecturer continues to be as energetic as he was a decade ago. Watch this post with a video to believe

Joining day Experience: What I got to experience, in front of a leading IT services company where freshers were reporting for work… Read more

Be an alert consumer: Some first hand experience accounts on how simple awareness can save you lot of money and effort against a faulty product or service…Must read

Most Popular ones: Of the above, the most commented ones are: Paypal India policy change, MMTS photo ride, Joining Day, and Alert Consumer Case studies

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  1. I remember the Mercedes post quite well :D More so your mother's reaction. :D :D :D


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