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Videos: Vasu Dixit of Swarathma performing at Cerebrate

Vasu Dixit is song writer, vocalist and guitar player. He is founder member of Mysore based Folk/Fusion Music Band, Swarathma. The 6 member Swarathma band has performed in cities across India and abroad. The Band also has released an album by the same name. One unique decision the band has taken is that they always perform their own songs and do not entertain requests to sing others’ songs. Vasu Dixit was one of the invitees at and sang several nice songs for the audience at
From Cerebrate2010

I made two amateur videos of Vasu’s performance at Swarathma. These are raw videos and the singing is done without any additional instruments or support. I’m sharing those videos with you here, with permission.

The first one is on our belief in gods-in various forms-how we worship god one one side and do unholy activities on the other…

The second one is also related to god and narrates the relationships… You can also see other cerebrate delegates in the video...

Vasu strongly believes that there’s a song in every one of us. He also believes in universal brotherhood.

Also, Swarathma band will be performing in Chennai on 1st of May 2010, at YMCA grounds, Nandanam. They are performing in support of RangDe, a micro credit facilitator. Tickets are priced at Rs 300 and 500 and Rs 100 from each ticket will go towards social investment in your name (Read: My Unique Social Investment)

And if you didn’t know Vasu is brother of Raghu Dixit, of Raghu Dixit Project fame.

Swarathma Band members:
Pavan Kumar K J (percussion, backing vocals)
Vasu Dixit (vocals, rhythm)
Sanjeev Nayak (violin)
Montry Manuel (drums, percussion)
Jishnu Das Gupta (bass, backing vocals)
Varun (lead guitar)

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