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SME Legend 2010: SAP Talkshow: SAP & Wipro tie up to offer ERP as SaaS

News Just in from SME Legend 2010, SAP Talkshow at Taj West End, Bangalore..

April 12, Bangalore: SAP has tied up with Software Major Wipro to offer SAP as a SaaS (Software as a Service), so that small companies can avail SAP services on a monthly rental basis.

One of the biggest hurdles companies face when decide to adopt SAP is the price. Most of the SMEs may not be able to afford the same. However, with SAP services now available as SaaS, small and medium enterprises can adopt SAP for a very less amount, a nominal monthly fee.

Bringing you the news first, ahead of any news channel or website, live as it is being announced by Debdeep Sengupta, VP, SME & Channels, SAP India...

Debdeep hosted a talkshow wherein he interacted with couple of key customers who had adopted SAP aggressively. SAP Business By Design concept was also demoed during the event.
Will update this post with more details by evening...

Post event update: I had a casual discussion with Debdeep during lunch, addressing my question that SAP Certifications are very expensive to go for, he informed that SAP training is now available as e learning module at SAP e-learning centres and this costs far cheaper than regular course.

The Panel included Luis Murguia, Senior Vice President, SME, SAP EMEA (Europe, Middle East, Africa & India), Anand Sudarshan, Manipal Universal Learning, Anup Guha, CFO, Greaves Cotton Ltd and Mr Sandeep Ranjan, Founder and CEO, Prognosys e-service Pvt Ltd

The event lasted for about 2 hours, wherein Debdeep hosted a talkshow with the panel members, who discussed how and why they went for SAP. Manipal Universal, Greaves Cotton and Prognosys are some of the key SME customers for SAP and their insights were highly valued.


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