Borra caves- Araku Valley, Vizag

Borra caves in Araku Valley, Vizag was bigger than I’d expected.  It is believed to be the deepest in India (about 80 meters)

Textual information is all available at wikipedia and other places- I don’t have much to add, hence sharing some of the photos I’d clicked, and a brief description where possible/felt necessary

Below: Burra caves, Araku valley, AP- Main entrance and a board displaying history. Click on images for larger view
burra-caves-entrance burra-cave-history
Above: Rocks subjected to water fall over decades, taking unique shape and Poojari posing with Lord Siva’s temple inside Burra caves.

Below: What looks like frozen ice is a piece of rock, directly below a gap in ceiling, from where water dips… Below right: You can assess the size of the cave by comparing size of human beings in the photo with the visible height of the cave.

water-affected-stone inside-burra-caves

Above:  people climbing stairs to reach Lord Siva temple inside the cave.Above right: A hole in the ceiling of the cave. It is said that the Burra cave was discovered by a British officer, when a goat or cow fell into the cave through this hole…

Below: A stone laid by Indian Railways to mark that a railway track is passing right over this Borra cave, vertical to this point… Right: A closer look at the walls of Bora caves
railway-stone-inside-burra-caves   interior-walls
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  1. Nice post...I wonder why there is temple at each natural wonder

  2. wow! these are beautiful! but what a coincidence.. I just heard about these caves for the first time yesterday, and today you have a post on them! incidentally, these so resemble the Patal Bhuvaneshwar caves we visited when at binsar..... and answering Tarun;s question, i guess at some time people would have thought it easier to maintain and preserve the natural beauty by likening it to GOd... unfortunately, it works the other way today!!

  3. Love the stalactite and stalagmite formations.

  4. I had not heard of this unique place. Thanks for write up on it.

  5. Thanks Tarun, Anu, Deepak, Purba and SRA sir.

    yes, protecting a place becomes easier by getting religious support/sentiments... May be that was the reason

  6. Wow! amazing place.This is definitely there on my list.

  7. My son just visited...great place according to him

  8. nice informative post and the cave is very big indeed.

  9. Hi Srinidhi, Nice to see you visit our vizag. How was it? Hope you had been to charayi water falls also which is near to the Borra caves.

  10. thanks Rajesh, Indrani, Nalini and Pratibha

  11. Veera,

    Charayi falls is the one that people go on jeep right.. we didn't go as we were only 2 and jeep guys were asking 600 Rs...

    next time may be..

  12. That certainly is an interesting place. So finally you accomplished your trip to Vizag and it has been fruitful as well...


  13. Yes, 5th time lucky.. was a very short visit... still lot to see there

  14. I wonder how many caves India would have. This one was not heard of before though.

    My list of places is growing everyday. :)

  15. Yes, Don't think there's any directory or book on caves of India...

    This link has some very popular ones listed


  16. Araku Valley is one of the best place at Andhra which i like to visit most!! i like its easiness and people,for more infogain here


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