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Thick suites for bikes

Where do we find this in South India?

I’ve seen many bikes in Delhi and other north Indian cities, wearing full body super thick dresses as shown below. I assume this prevents loss of petrol through evaporation and hence saves money, besides may be giving a bit more comfortable ride and easy to wash body cover.

-2020 update: Had to remove photos due to technical issue (site where I had uploaded them went down)- will try to restore -

Above pic was clicked in Ahmedabad during June 2010 (suddenly stopped by this pic while browsing through Nano Superdrive archives)

Don’t remember seeing them in South Indian cities. Are they available in Chennai and Bengaluru (or other cities)? Have any of you tried them and found a difference?


  1. Shri, I never noticed this kind of stuff in Delhi but in UP cities... and I liked your analysis on fuel evaporation :D :D :D
    I think this is just a abstract modification of seat cover. I do wonder how do people use it during rains!!!

  2. Looks like a good idea to provide cushioning. But it might get a bit too hot if used in Chennai..


  3. it provides only cushoning...nothing more

  4. This is what I like about travel, random things that we get to see.

  5. Very new to me... Very good for cushioning though as you pointed out!!
    PS: That header pic is from my trip to Rishikesh, taken across the laxman jhula...

  6. Interesting.
    Never seen these here in Bangalore.

  7. Apologies for the delayed reply. Published this post in hurry before leaving for weekend loooong drive...

    Indrani: yes, me too never seen one in Chennai/Blr

    Arti: Thanks for taking trouble to answer my qns written at ur blog...

    Mridula: Absolutely


    Ram: What will it become too hot? metal will get hot sooner than whatever material this thing is made of

    During rains may be they'll detach it and keep at home


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