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eNidhi India Best of 2010

A quick compilation of popular posts of 2010, from this blog:

Popular by Comments
(Only posts published in 2010 are considered. Under 30 comments are nothing great by blogging standards, may be I can term them decent)

Popular by Pageviews

Of all the 136 posts published in 2010, below were the ones which were viewed most number of times

  • CWG Spoof (thankfully the event went on very well and won applause and didn’t end up like a disaster predicted in this post)
  • About Me (people are more interested in knowing about me, than my blog posts?)
  • Acer netbook with android OS

Bloggers’ Choice:
Some personal picks, not covered above

Standby for another post which will give a round up of all posts published in 2010. If you’ve been regular here, do leave a comment as to which one has been your favourite so far.


  1. A year that moved you to many places of the country through flights, road and what not... have a much more eventful year in 2011. Good to be regular on your blog :)

  2. My best wishes for a super 2011, may you rent more SUVs, drive more and travel more.

  3. Thanks Mridula,
    Not expecting much travel in 2011 as my new job doesn't require one. Guess only weekend trips and may be one or 2 long trips

    Thanks Mohan, but I missed ocean route- need to travel a bit by sea in 2011 :)

    Wishing a wonderful year to all of you

  4. great going and keep blogging like this.
    Wish you a very happy new year.


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