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Year End Special-Goa in Pictures

-2020 update: Had to remove photos due to technical issue (site where I had uploaded them went down)- will try to restore -

While many of my friends and colleagues are relaxing in Goa awaiting new year, I’m only recalling my June 2010 Goa visit memories and publishing some photos here. If you’re like me-not going anywhere on new year eve, enjoy a virtual tour of Goa in this post.

Self Drive Bikes in Goa…
Guess Goa and Pondy are two cities where even two wheelers can be rented on self drive :) A Honda Activa costs Rs 200 per day and Rs 200 per night (i.e about 200 Rs per 12 hour). A good option instead of renting cars or autos, which will cost in 100s per ride. Also places in Goa are far from each other. If you do not own/have a vehicle with you, renting a two wheeler is far better option than hiring a cab/auto.
You may also wish to read my other post on Self Drive Car Rentals in India

Though a small territory, Goa has good number of newspapers in circulation

Yatches are also common. Of late shared ownership concept is coming up for luxury yachts-instead of spending 50lakh on an entry level yatch, you can own one for about 10 lakhs, along with 4 other owners- sort of timeshare model…

There’re enough places to lose your money- on the ground and in the water- Casino ships will be all illuminated and buzzing with activity once sun sets. Spotted many of them in Panjim harbor area.

Churches and museums in Old Goa area: Magnificent structures. Do visit them.

Skywatch Friday-Preponed!
Publishing 2 pics of Goan sky! (Spotted near Benaulim beach)

Accidents are very common on the narrow NH17. Narrow roads, overnight drinking, over speeding, all contribute to scenes like below. Drive safe

And last but not the least, my priced catch in Goa- Nana Patekar at Inox theatre….
Happy new year all, see you in 2011


  1. Very nice... So what are your new year plans!!!

  2. So looks like you are traveling for the new year? Great!

  3. Deb and Mridula,

    Both of you didn't read the text in the post I bet... I've no plans.. at home...



  4. Beautiful set of pics... Loved the last one, well spotted!!

  5. lovely tour -loved the moments!happy new year!

  6. Thanks Arti and Arpana.

    New yr and New decade wishes to all

  7. I remember Nana's shot.
    Lucky you!

    Happy New Year to you!

  8. Thanks Sujata and Indrani...

    Deb is the only male commenter for this post...

  9. i think you can also hire a bike even a bullet in chennai. call vicky @ 9952100400. he is the only bike rental in chennai


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