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Turning into a weekend blogger!

After the recent job change, I fear I am turning into a weekend blogger… After four and a half years in IT Companies, was doing a short stint at a social media consulting firm. Social Media job in an emerging start-up was a great experience. I’m now back to mainstream IT company. More details in LinkedIn for those interested.

Weekdays keep me fully occupied and little time I can spare before hitting the bed is usually spent in approving & responding to comments, checking facebook updates, reading other blogs and other online activities. Haven’t managed to publish a proper post during week days of late. That might continue for a while.

Hence expect new posts only during weekends for some time. Posts published during weekdays, if any, will be either prepared on a weekend and scheduled to go live on a weekday, or short posts prepared in very little time.

I can already sense a small dip in traffic. Hope to recover that by being regular on weekends.
In other updates,
  • Learnt that fellow blogger Sankara has also joined mainstream IT after a break- congrats to him and Mridula Dwivedi will be joining Skoda Yeti-National Geographic Right of the Way road trip. Congrats to her and looking forward to read her posts and seeing her on NatGeo as well.
  • So many scams all around- 35k crore foodgrains scam, 70k crores CWG scam, 1.7 lakh crores 2G scam- I feel the need for a bigger unit- something like calling 1lakh crore as 1SCU (Standard Corruption Unit), so that we can keep track of them more easily. In comparison, Satyam Computers 7000 crores looks too small and insignificant. In all these scams getting resignation of concerned people is treated as victory- recovering lost money is something that may never happen
  • Back home, BSY Govt has put people to shame and nothing much left to write about it. Sudden exodus of popular editor Vishveshwara Bhat and few other key columnists from popular Kannada daily is also sounding suspicious. Was it a govt hand at work? TOI’s changed priorities? Something else? hope a wikileaks equivalent will throw some light
  • Wikileaks, Barkhagate and lots of other developments have made it difficult to keep track of current affairs. Lets see what’s in store for 2011


  1. it is better to think of those things which are under our control. I am refraining from writing on those politics related stuff. Commenting on this post while watching a Telugu movie 'Leader', see if you get a chance. Not sure how many would really be daring enough to do something of that sort :)

  2. True. But I don't see a harm writing about things which are in public domain and widely discussed should be fine, as long as facts are backed by credible sources.

    I've just mentioned one word about all scams.. hope an army of criminals and lawyers won't be hunting for me by now... :0

    Will check that movie when possible

  3. Thanks Shrinidhi, hope you will get more time gradually. But even weekend blogging is good.

  4. Best wished in your new innings in the mainstream IT :)

  5. Thanks L Rajan...

    Mridula: enjoy your drive...

  6. So thats why we havent seen much here... all the very best!! am catching up with old posts, so just stumbled here...

  7. Thank you Shrinidhi for the mention! I truly understand where you are coming from, but I am trying to see if I can write at least one post a day. It is difficult, but i think is possible. Good luck to you too man!

  8. greetings from USA:

    Hello Shrinidhi:

    My name is Rob Harvey and I am contacting you from Los Angeles, CA, USA. I would have preferred to contact you via email, but I could not find an email address for you on eNidhi India. So I am contacting you by way of comments.

    Reading through your blogs I can see that you are well educated,and apparently your friends who leave comments are educated also. (Your English is excellent although like many Indians you have an allergy to the articles "a" and "the".) I am an electronic engineer working in the field of music recording electronics. I have many questions about India and ask your indulgence to answer them -- even better if the questions could be entered into one of your blog entries so that your friends can answer them too.

    FYI, I freqently read The Telegraph India and watch ndtv via the internet. ndtv shows good taste in the selection of female news anchors! I would like to marry Gargi Rao - can that be arranged? OK, enough with the humor. I enjoy studying Indian culture, and am beginning to understand the political landscape. One of my interests in India centers around street kid rescue and rehabilitation in Kolkata - I am a semi-expert in this area, which is strange since I have never been to India. I raise some money for the support of rescued street kids. See www.streetkidsupport.org In the USA we have few bona-fide street kids - I have never seen one. We tend to view street kids positively, one reason being the popularity of the Charles Dickens story "Oliver".

    I don't know why, but I think I love India - I am an Indophile. This affliction is rare but not unknown.




    Company website: www.worldproaudio.com


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