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eNidhi.net now available as Nokia ovi store app!

2020 update: Not available now

Long time since I’ve done anything remotely geeky. Even this one isn’t, still I can claim I’ve an app of mine in the world of smart phone apps.

eNidhi.net is now available as an App (short for Application) in Nokia Ovi Store. What does this app do? It fetches latest posts from RSS and lets you read them from within your nokia smart phone. Nothing greater than that.

So if you have a Nokia smartphone, consider downloading this app. You should be able to find it by searching for eNidhi or go directly to http://store.ovi.com/content/95970
Do give your feedback.

Is the app really useful?
Not sure. It isn’t interactive as many of the apps such as games, stock quotes or social media apps. It only fetches blog’s RSS feed and provides it for the consumption of mobile users.

How to submit one’s blog as an App for Nokia Ovi store?
It is no rocket science. Any RSS feed can be converted into an app and submitted to Ovi store for approval. Each app will be manually reviewed and approved, for its relevance, quality and QA. Mine took close to 3 weeks in approval queue. You can get started here http://appwizard.ovi.com/web_nokia/signIn.jsp
Takes just a few minutes to convert your blog feed into an app…


  1. Very nice Shri... hope next is i-phone app...

  2. Congratulations Sire! Now waiting for the iPhone App! :)

  3. Thanks people... Nothing great in this- just made an app out of RSS feed... need to check how it works for iPhone and android...

  4. Nice to know about this.. Good one attempt..


  5. Awesome...you are rocking man! way to go! Android, Iphone, etc. are next in the pipeline i guess...

  6. Well, making and hosting an iPhone app costs lot of money... (set up fee, hosting fee etc) ruled out...

    Android, yet to explore.

    I'm not a great coder- Ovi stores gave a simple UI to convert RSS feed into an app, hence made it, not sure about other platforms

  7. Hey Shri,
    I Downloaded this!
    Works Perfect,
    Love the ICON Design with your Pic!
    Gr8 Going!

  8. Loggy: Thanks. You're the first person to say "I've downloaded it"


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