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Upcoming events in USA Chennai and Bengaluru (updated)

Below are some events lined up for near future, which might be of some interest to you.

1. North American International Auto Show (NAIAS) in Detroit, Michigan
Detroit is Mecca of automobile industry and some of the best events related to automobile industry are held here. Next week North American International Auto Show (NAIAS) is scheduled to happen here on Jan 10th 2011.

I was glad to be invited for this event by a leading US automobile company. But the time left was too short to get appropriate VISA, hence had to lose the opportunity. Few people I know are attending, will wait for them to update with details.

2. Cerebrate Silicon Valley
Cerebrate is an event wherein a group of achievers gather together and brainstorm. An initiative of Kiruba Shankar, Cerebrate has seen several editions in India and few abroad. Second Edition of Cerebrate Silicon Valley is planned at the same venue- Mount Madonna in the Bay Area. The dates are Jan 21 to Jan 23, 2011.

If you’re aware of any US based individuals who’ve achieved something unique, do nominate them for Cerebrate

Ok, back home, some more events are lined up:

3. CTC Beach Cleanup on Jan 9th, Chennai
Chennai Trekkers Club, along with few other groups/NGOs occasionally undertakes social initiatives, such as cleaning up the beaches. Few previous editions have been very successful, with several hundred volunteers coming out to clean up the coastline. Next edition of such an event is linedup for 9thJan 2011
5 more days to go.... The green army is steadily growing.... 500+ volunteers are ready to attack Chennai's troubled coastal line on Sunday in the largest clean sweep operation in Chennai recent history. Come on everyone - we need all help we can get - invite your friends, family, colleagues....

4. IAMAI’s 3rd National Conference on Digital Commerce, Jan 25, Mumbai
Ability to do Mobile Payments is said to be the next big thing in telecom in the year 2011. Looks like ecommerce boom hasn’t reached its peak yet. 3rd Digital Commerce Conference from IAMAI is being planned in Mumbai on Jan 25th 2010 to discuss various aspects around Digital Commerce. Costs Rs 5000+taxes to attend as a delegate.

5. Marg Brindavan-Art of Living to present Naada Vaibhavam, Chennai
Marg Properties Chennai are organizing a spiritual event called Naada Vaibhavam on 30th of Jan 2011 at Sri Ram SEZ, Perambadur, in association with Art of Living. More details are yet to be made public. If you’re spiritually inclined, you might wish to attend this. (Saw an ad about the event in The Hindu dated 30th Dec, mode details not available yet)

6. Hampi Photography Trip- Hosakote
Arun Bhat is organizing a 3 day photography trip to Hampi. Priced at about 9k, the event includes photo tour of Hampi, stay at a newly opened Jungle Lodges Resort, Photography tips and other expenses. If you’ve got 3-4 days and 10k to spare during Sankranti festival, this might be an ideal event for you.

7. Colombo Trip: Noticed that Spicejet has launched a Chennai-Colombo service at a rate (Rs 4008 for return trip) cheaper that Chennai-Mumbai or Chennai Delhi. Tempted by the low price and convenient schedule, few of us have planned a weekend trip to Colombo in Feb. Idea is to explore Srilanka as much as possible in 2 days.  Let me see how this goes.

8. Social Media workshops by Sorav Jain:
Sorav Jain's Social Me is planning a series of workshops related to social media... 
9. World Samskrit Book Fair @ Bangalore
A Sanskrit Book fair is being organized in Bengaluru... Details below:
Date: January 7 to 10, 2011 , at National High School Grounds, Basavanagudi,
Bangalore, Bharat ( India ) *

Other events:

10. Bangalore loves Wikipedia: Jan 9 2011, Bengaluru

11. Ford Wintage Car Rally-Mahabalipuram-ECR-Chennai, Jan 8 9

12. BIL Chennai: 22nd Jan 2011
BIL is a TED like event, happening at Chennai on Jan 22nd

13. Bangalore Photowalk
Sandeep Srinivas (Shande) is organizing a photowalk from Ravindra Kalakshetra to Freedom Park this Sunday in Bangalore. 

14. Thoughtworks Conference for Business Analysts
Chennai, Jan 29 2011

If there’re any other major events happening around and I’ve missed, do inform


  1. Good to hear about your Srilanka trip, tell us how it goes. I think they still give you visa on arrival?

  2. Great to hear you are coming this way. Let's meet up in Colombo! :D

  3. Mridula,
    As of now it is visa on arrival...

    Thanks for your inputs. Sure we'll meetup

  4. wonderful line up! Have a gr8 colombo trip :)

  5. Sounds interesting, esp the Colombo trip! looks like the perfect opportunity to visit!

  6. Hi

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  7. LR,
    Thanks. Going there with minimum expectations. 2 days is too short and its more of an experiment trip. Let me see how it goes

    Yes, thanks.

    Inderjit, will respond by mail.

    Thanks all

  8. Great list...

    Interested in the CTC's clean the beach drive. Would have loved to be a part if I were at Chennai...Way to go CTC.

    The Sri Lanka prices have slowly crept up, though I might join you if everything else falls into place.

    Was all smiles on seeing social wavelength's comment below. Remember how they contacted us prior to the Tata Nano Superdrive event?

  9. Sankara,

    Hope SL prices stay cheap for sometime...

    Social Wavelenght: yes, sent a mail, no reply yet..


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