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Bengaluru Photowalk Photos

-2020 update: Had to remove photos due to technical issue (site where I had uploaded them went down)- will try to restore -

About  a dozen of us went on a brief photowalk last Sunday in Bengaluru, organized by Shande and HP Nadig. Photowalk also aimed to collect some landmark photographs to be used for Wikimedia.

Photowalk started from Town Hall area and concluded in Freedom Park some 2 hours later. A few good snaps from that photowalk is being shared below. Not all are about skywatch, but never mind.

Lots of Kannada flags were seen all around. Apparently looked like a function to inaugurate the launch of KSTDC City Taxi service was being planned near town hall. Not far away, hawkers were getting ready for the day with their goods and a subway presented deserted look.

BBMP Office near Corporation Circle and a close up of the window art

Karnataka Government’s emblem, called Gandaberunda, could be seen on the gates of many buildings. Consciously avoided clicking photos of sensitive establishments like Police HQ, RBI etc (Remember the Pune cab-police incident I told you about?)

Several historical buildings are located around central area of Bangalore- around Majestic, Gandhi Nagar, Nrupatunga Road, KR Circle etc. Govt Arts & Science College, UVCE building, Mythic Society are just a few to name. Former Central Jail is now made as Freedom Park.

A plant has grown strong from the window sill of UVCE building and seems to be going strong. Not far away, near KR Circle, a display alerted us about the blasting work in progress.
The board was referring to Metro Rail construction work nearby, but would have been more appropriate to put this on the nearby road that leads to Vidhana Soudha, where elected MLAs keep blasting each other (and public)

Had done a photowalk in December 2009 but haven’t done anything with those photos yet. Will publish few photos from it in a future post.

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  1. good pics of bengaluru. loved the 2nd pic the best

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  3. nice photostory here, you showed us part of blore today.

  4. The last one with your parting comment is too good.

  5. good pics and well catalogued here.

  6. Nice pics.... Those are few things we tend to miss even if we cross these places/buildings everyday ... thanks to our (so called) lifestyle....

    Tell us what we miss.... right in front of our eyes....

    Good ones!!!


  7. how 2 take part in bangalore photo walk

  8. Good to see you being actively involved with activities, i hope you will be able to take it forward with some objective


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