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In to the future... Year 7000 AD

This is just an imagination, how India will be, say 5000 years from now…

1 Real Vegetables will be sold by grams and stored in safe lockers!
Visitors to Hampi are often told about how Gold and Diamonds used to be sold on the street side during Vijayanagara Kingdom. 5000 years from now, I believe food will be in the form of artificial chemicals and tablets and tourists would be shown KR Market Area of Bangalore (or Chennai’s Koyambedu market) and good old days of people trading Real Onions and Tomatos by the kilos on the roadside will be hailed as a sign of prosperity.

2 IT Empires will be known for their outsourcing revolution
Communication in 7000AD might happen at brain to brain level, without needing a physical device. Visualize the way we’re remembering ancient civilization (Harappa and all) or how we look at early 19th century weapons used by the then rulers. In 7000AD, some of the prominent IT parks of today might be declared as monuments of national importance (under Archeological Survey of India) and a tourist guide would be briefing the tourists somewhat as below:

In 2000AD there used to be IT empires like In****S,  W***O and many others. They used to have their own army of Software engineers and often fought among themselves to get US outsourcing contracts. Employees used to jump from one company to other in search of higher pay, better designation and opportunities. They used devices called laptops to do their work, supplemented by Blackberries and CISCO video conferencing facilities…

3 Petroleum is history. Sun and Nuclear might be new energy sources.
Necessity would force innovation on alternate sources of Energy. Nuclear energy, Solar power and anything else that might get invented, would be available commercially.

Insane? Stupid? Have got such thoughts? 


  1. Whatever is there or not there, I hope chai is always there.

  2. too far away thoughts . Difficult to imagine 7000 AD

  3. eNidhi India is a great future having organisation

  4. :) scary but humans would have geared up for that by then!

  5. Sounds like Hitchhikers guide to Galaxy! And by then websites as we know and blogging as we do also would be part of the history lesson :P

  6. Not at all stupid. I totally agree with points one and three, though the only thing I disagree with is the timeline...

    Methinks 5000 years is too far out...

    At the rate at which our food inflation is increasing...point valid will get applicable in say 20 years...

    At the rate at which vehicles are being sold in the market and the rate at which we are guzzling fuel, I think we need to look at renewable sources in before the end of this century, if not earlier.

  7. If the situation continues, the first one will become a reality even after 5 years not 5000 years!

  8. Mridula: Let us hope for the best... Water has to be there first to make chai...

    TGS: :)

    Deepak, Hope humans evolve positively

    LR: Hope our blogs also will be displayed in some museum in some format :)

    Sankara: Yes, onion thing can happen in 5 years flat, as SR Ayyengar sir said..


    Thanks all for your comments and support

  9. Ram,
    this was in draft for long time... couldn't think of expanding it.. May be part 2 later...


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