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Herd of Indian Gaurs spotted at Valparai tea estate

During one of our early morning walks in a tea estate in Valparai, Tamil Nadu, we spotted a herd of Indian Gaurs, about 10-12 in number. They were feeding themselves in the middle of a tea estate. We went closer, under the guidance of estate caretaker.

Here're some closeup photos of the Indian Gaur clicked in Valparai tea estate.

Below one gives closeup look of female Gaur...
 Below photo is without zoom-you can spot about 5+ in the picture, there were 5+ more around
The mighty Indian Gaur (Male). This one appeared to be in command of the group. Weighing about 1500 kgs, most of it is muscle and not fat, attack by these can be deadly.
 As we went closer, there was constant eye battle. While the gaurs evaluated if we're a threat that needs offensive action or if we can be ignored, we evaluated how further we can go without agitating the animals. Eventually there was a trade off. Gaurs slowly started moving away from us and we started retreating. I was thinking they were planning an ambush taking advantage of tea estate, but that didn't happen.
 Because of tea estate, we couldn't see their white coloured legs. Even without that, it was a good experience getting so close to the gaurs (aka Indian Bison)
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  1. Nice images, Gaurs inside estates seems to be quite a common issue at Valparai i think.

  2. that was courageous of u to get so close. the animals looks pretty bored though;->

  3. The gaur is looking like a cool dude smiling and giving a post to the camera...Lol

  4. excellent views... must have been a great trip...


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