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Review: Hotel San Martin,Vina Del Mar, Valparaiso

Stayed in this hotel for about a week and this post shares some info about the hotel, for the benefit of prospective travelers. Ignore if this doesn't interest you.

Hotel San Martin is a nice hotel near the beach are in Valparaiso. San Martin has few sea facing rooms with a sit out but more than half the rooms aren't sea facing. Rooms have just enough space.

Hotel has a business centre with free internet. It appeared fairly safe to leave the laptop there (secured by chain lock) and go out for a while if required. But hotel staff proactively advised me not to do so. Free wi-fi is also at your service, but it didn't work properly on my phone.

Hotel claims their tap water is perfectly drinkable. They sell a 1.5 litre mineral water bottle at US $ 2 if you're not comfortable drinking tap water (Water at Fisherman Cove in Chennai is more expensive). Room rents are in affordable range, but that could be relative.    Someone else paid on my behalf, so I didn't have to worry about it. Similarly for laundry, be informed that cost of laundry could be more than cost of the dress material in some cases. So beware.

Restaurant is decent. They don't differentiate between veg and non-veg items. No green dot to identify, so vegetarians need to be on their guard.

Because Chilean power sockets are different, hotel staff gave me an adapter to use. (to be returned during checkout) Service is fine, only selective staff speak English though...

Hotel has a Bar and a piano in it. Evening time you can sip your drink while someone plays the piano. I wasn't interested in the bar but was tempted to ask if I can play the piano. Resisted my temptation...

Beach is walkable from hotel. Medical shop, pizza shop, supermarket, public transportation etc are also very close to hotel.

All rooms have emergency evacuation plans, which says- in case of earthquake warning, we need to go down and in case of Tsumani warning, upward evacuation will be done(we need to go to higher floors). It doesn't say what to do if both Tsunami and earthquake decide to strike together... :)

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